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Congratulations on making the decision to embark on a journey to join the ranks of today’s dentists! Your first major hurdle is to do well on the Dental Admission Test, a required standardized test for admission into dental school. strives to provide information that will :
1) Assist Pre-dental students with reaching their highest scoring potential on the DAT (Dental Admission Test) by highlighting the best study resources for the DAT currently available (FREE and Purchasable).

2) Answer frequently asked questions regarding the DAT

3) Aid with the process of maturing from a pre-dental student to a  matriculated dental student.


Ace the Dental Admission Test and Get into Dental School!
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Happy 2015 – Update regarding Newsletter

 Just wanted to apologize to those that subscribed and never received a newsletter. Unfortunately the app I used to help manage and send out newsletters rendered this website vulnerable to hackers, so the site has not been accessible to some due to google marking as a "suspicious site". The site has been restored to a date before the spammy ads were added, and should not cause any alerts to go off by some browsers. School has kept me crazy busy so haven't had much time to update the site with content, but if you have any questions, please feel free to add a comment, or send a message on facebook. Cheers to a great 2015, Jon

Save your money with these Free DAT Biology Study Materials and Resources

Free DAT Biology Study Materials and Resources Buying study materials and practice test programs can get expensive! Below is a compilation of free resources you can use to study and prepare for the DAT Biology. FREE PDF of Cliff’s AP Biology 3rd Edition Free Cliffs AP Bio Notes by bangity Feralis Extrenums Biology Notes Kaplan Blue Book DAT Biology Notes by bangity Kaplan Blue Book Anki Notes compiled by bangity  FREE DAT Destroyer Biology Anki Notes compiled by bangity Cliffs AP Biology Anki Notes compiled by bangity Alan’s DAT Biology Notes edited by scsc7211 Khan Academy Biology

Prometric DAT Tutorial – What the DAT will be like

Prometric DAT Tutorial If you are anything like I was before taking the DAT, you probably want to know the exact format of the DAT so that you don't have to deal with the task of getting adjusted to the interface on test day and you can learn before hand how to most efficiently use the functions available to you during the test. This Prometric DAT tutorial will answer all your questions regarding this matter. You will take this tutorial on Test Day, however, similar to memorizing the directions for each section of the DAT, knowing the options and functions that will be at your disposal during the test and eliminating uncertainty will most definitely help you achieve your maximum scoring potential. The Prometric DAT Tutorial details everything from what the mouse will look like and how to scroll on the screen to the marking function, the review options at the end of each section, what the calculator will be like on the quantitative reasoning section and the user interface for each section.

Feralis DAT Biology Notes – A great free resource to study for DAT Biology

Feralis DAT Bio Notes - A Great Free Resource to study for DAT Biology Feralis DAT Bio Notes is a comprehensive collection of notes compiled by the Student Doctor Network member FeralisExtrenum. It is a very comprehensive collection of notes that has been used by many test takers who have scored very well in DAT Bio. As Mightymoose02 from the SDN DAT forums put it, the notes are "Basically an encyclopedia for DAT Biology." Feralis DAT Bio Notes were compiled from the bio sections of the Kaplan Blue Book, and Barron's, and Cliff's AP Bio 3rd edition. Very helpful linking was also added to these notes. As Feralis explained in one of his SDN posts, " If you click the link for those topics within the notes (hold down the Ctrl button if you are using MS Word), it will jump you to the related image at the end of the document. Holding Ctrl + clicking the image itself will jump you back to the spot you were at in the notes." The bolded red text in the notes is mostly for his own use to mark material that he needed to brush up on, but a lot of it is also new material he added to the first version. Below is a link to the second version of the notes. Click to download Feralis Extrenum's Biology Notes EDIT 7/23/15: As of late, the free PDF of Cliff's AP Bio is no longer available. If you would like to purchase it for a nominal fee, please click the below link. Purchase Cliff's AP Bio 3rd Edition Finally, if you would like to thank Feralis Extrenum for his hard work, click on his profile picture below and send him a message on SDN!

2014 DAT Breakdowns Compilation Started!

Below is a compilation of all DAT breakdowns from January of 2014.The list will be continually updated here. What is a DAT Breakdown? A DAT Breakdown is a holistic review of one’s entire “DAT Study Process” of how DAT Preparation Materials compared to the actual DAT. It is written after one has already taken the DAT. It usually details the person’s opinions and thoughts about how effective DAT Preparation Materials were in comparison to the actual DAT, how they studied for the DAT, and a little background about themselves. DAT Breakdowns are highly useful in that they can help determine which study materials suits you best, which study materials to avoid, and they provide useful insights so that you can avoid making the same mistakes that the author of the breakdown made. Below is a list of ALL  breakdowns written in 2013 (list will be continually compiled as more are written)! The scores are arranged from highest to lowest AA. The numbers corresponds to AA/TS/PAT respectively. So 25/24/29 corresponds to an Academic Average of 25, a Total Science Score of 24 and a PAT score of 29. 26/25/24 DAT Breakdown by Old_newbie 24/24/19 DAT Breakdown by ECDental 24/23/22 DAT Breakdown by musician7 24/23/21 DAT Breakdown by dacookiemonsta 24/23/20 DAT Breakdown by LabCoatAndPearls 22/22/23 DAT Breakdown by ichoai 22/22/21 DAT Breakdown by bonbonbon 22/22/21 DAT Breakdown by itscalvss 21/21/22 DAT Breakdown by hongbinbaneben 21/21/22 DAT Breakdown by rkhavis 21/21/20 DAT Breakdown by mastermind01 20/21/22 DAT Breakdown by brochacho3 20/19/21 DAT Breakdown by mvam 20/19/19 DAT Breakdown by rckb88

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