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2013 DAT Breakdown – 17/17/22 by DagS132

PAT: 22
QR: 21
RC: 15 
OC: 16 
Bio: 18 
GC: 16 
TS: 17 
AA: 17 
My sGPA is 3.00

First off let me say I do not like my scores at all and will plan on re-taking it. I used KBB 2010, Cliff’s notes for bio 3rd edition, DAT destroyer 2012, Math Destroyer 2012, and crack dat pat. This is simply not enough materials though, make sure to get more than this. I followed the schedule suggested in the sticky but goofed off for 6 days so I studied until the day before the test. This is not a good plan though (me goofing off that is, the actual sticky schedule is great!), if you know you are going to goof off some days I suggest you start at least 3 weeks ahead of the schedule.

PAT: Easiest part of the whole test. 
TFE is a lot different compared to Crack DAT PAT. But if you are good at Crack DAT PAT then you should be able to use the same reasoning on the actual DAT to do well on TFE. 
Keyhole is what it is, just matching outlines. 
Pattern folding was a whole lot easier compared to Crack DAT PAT. The DAT does not really present you with complex patterns on the faces of the object. Its pretty simple.
Hole punching was a bit weird. There was one question in hole punching that seemed like there was an impossible fold. The hole punching on the actual DAT is slightly easier than the Crack DAT PAT practices. 
Cube counting was the same as the crackdatpat as well. 
Angle ranking was probably the toughest section. But if you use the same strategy used on Crack DAT PAT, then there should be no problems

QR: I studied the least on this. I probably did 5 tests in the Math Destroyer but still did pretty well. Math destroyer problems were actually a LOT tougher than the actual DAT questions.

RC: I did absolutely no studying for this section and it shows. I simply ran out of time at question 35 and just filled in bubbles till 39. So if you know you are not a fast reader, make sure to somehow practice for this section everyday.

OC: Okay, for some reason i decided to study orgo in the last 3 weeks of my studies. Even though I got through all of destroyers problem and knew somewhat of what was going on, its simply not enough. Basically you just got to study for this, there is no way around it.

Bio: Studied this section the most. DAT asks you questions that are not too specific but also not general… if that makes any sense. Destroyer is very specific but is still a good tool because it exposes you to a lot of good info. But you will still need to get more material to get ready for this section.

GC: I really don’t know how I did so bad on this section. GC was my strongest point out of orgo and bio. Get familiar with solubility, pH, and gas problems!

I have maybe 250-280 hours of studying by the end of this. Again, make sure to get more materials than what I had. 
Hopefully my bad scores makes someone feel better about themselves and helps people in the future not to make the same mistakes I made. 
Good luck to everyone who are taking DAT’s soon!

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