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2013 DAT Breakdown – 19/18/17 by Toadesque

Not really thrilled about doing this since I did horrible, but I would feel guilty not letting everyone know how I did

Bio: 18
GC: 18
OC: 18
PAT: 17
RC: 23
QR: 20
AA: 19 (85.4%)


Really don’t know what happened in Bio, it ruined my score. It was so ridiculously hard, I would say 70% of the questions were conceptually based and they were about topics I had the least interest in like energy, genetics, mo bio. I got very few questions on physio and cell biology which are my best subjects. I also got 1 plant question and 1 taxonomy question. The plant question was also conceptually based which annoyed me. Of course every now and then they would throw me a bone and ask something like describing a symbiotic relationship and then asking me to define the term. But for the most part it was not this easy.

It really bums me out because I was doing so much better in practice. On Qvault I averaged 21 from tests 3-10 (and I redid them all getting 26+), on Bootcamp I got a 19, 20 and 21 on my final three exams (the first two were taken much earlier in the studying process so I didn’t do as well), and I got a 23 on the 09 ADA. Bootcamp was the most indicative of the real thing, but still not as difficult imo. Let me just say to anyone out there taking the exam soon, do not rely on 09 ADA as an accurate indicator for this section!!! It’s WAY too easy. You will not be asked questions in such a straight forward manner and you have to really understand the concepts if you want to kill this section. 


I was hoping to do better but I was averaging 19-20 on all Bootcamp exams so it’s understandable to score a bit lower if the real thing was slightly harder. I got some really strange questions for O-Chem that I had never seen before and some ugly synthesis questions but it could have been worse. 

This section actually felt REALLY easy so I was shocked when I saw my score. I skipped TFE and breezed through everything else so I had 15 minutes left to go over it. I only got stuck on a few Hole punches, but my angles and cubes felt like a joke. I have no idea where I screwed up


Honestly, boring passages but I usually do ok here. Didn’t study for this section. I had to S&D one passage, but I hate this technique as I start to panic if I can’t find an answer in time. 


Again, no studying for this section. I am good at algebra and logic based math, but anything where I have to memorize a formula to do the question I won’t know what to do since I have forgotten most of it. Probably would have scored a lot higher if I took more time to study trig and probability. 

Guess that’s it. Would have posted this yesterday but the forum went down right when I tried to create a new thread. Overall I think this test has gotten a lot more difficult over the years, especially for Bio where you need conceptually understand every topic, even the ones you hate.

Also want to thank Jordwin for helping me my final few weeks to study for O-Chem. I guess it doesn’t show in the score so I’m sorry about that, but I appreciated it a lot

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