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2013 DAT Breakdown – 19/19/21 by badart97

DAT FInally DOne/ mini breakdown/ questions

Hi, its been a long time coming but here it is. Nothing outrageous like I’ve seen on this site before but I’m happy with my improvement and score!

First time taking the DAT’s I got:

AA- 17

Second time taking it on 3/26/13

AA- 19

Things that are a must have: 

1) DAT Destroyer / Math Destroyer- Bio section especially

2) 2009 ADA DAT Practice Test – I had around 5 questions very similar to if not the exact same questions from the practice test

3) Chads Chemistry + Organic chemistry videos**

3)DAT QVault- All the science sections are very helpful, especially bio section, a few mistakes in ochem but not a big deal

4)Topscore – Great practice

5) Kaplan / Cliff for general review before starting 

So overall I thought I was ready for my first test but turns out I wasn’t ready enough. What made the difference was really knowing DAT destroyer and doing ALOT of practice problems. Many times just testing yourself with a question can solidify your understanding in that subject.

My second test had many random questions for all the science questions, not as many for my first test attempt. 

Thanks to everyone on these forums, you guys help out so many people!


I am 25 years old and I left my job in marketing/advertising to pursue dentistry. So I took a year of prerequisite courses like physics, ochem, chem, and bio. My last course was in August of last summer which was ochem. These are the only science courses I have had and I finished with a 3.75 gpa. My undergrad gpa was 3.3 from University at Buffalo with psychology and political science majors.


1) I need to take biochemistry, so my plan was to apply this June to schools even ones that require biochemistry and then take it in the fall and have it completed hopefully before dental school would start if I get in. Would this be ok? Since I know a lot of people apply even without physics.

2) I don’t think I ever requested to get my DAT scores sent to schools since I wasn’t sure what schools I would be applying for at that time. So when I put my grades in the AADSAS website and send my application they are going to automatically send the official score report to my selected schools? OR how do you even get your official scores? (email/ mail?)

3) Even with just those 4-5 science courses and my 19 on the DAT getting into dental schools this year is still a possibility right? I improved in every section and and got a very solid 19. I am applying the first day it lets me, in early June. 


If anyone is interested I have attached and placed some links to some detailed notes for Biology of kaplan/ cliffs/ my own notes/ random notes I found on these forums that really helped…it?usp=sharing…it?usp=sharing

THANK YOU for any responses and information, I really appreciate it! 

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