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2013 DAT Breakdown – 19/19/25 by ddsJD

DAT 6/7/13 Breakdown – Qvault Evaluation

Hey everyone, I know my AA/TS scores aren’t anything to write home about necessarily, but I was hoping some of you could tell me what you think my chances are for this cycle?

Plus I know it’s always nice to compare practice scores and get opinions from a lot of different people. So here it is:

PAT 25 (99.0%)
TS 19 (75.0%)
AA 19 (77.6%)

QR 19 (91.2%)
RC 19 (52.2%)
BIO 21 (92.3%)
GC 18 (62.2%)
OC 19 (71.1%)

Study Material: scsc7211’s Versio of Alan’s DAT Biology Notes, Achiever 1,2,3, DAT Destroyer BIO and Math Destroyer (Special thanks to experiment626) for the hookup, 2007 ADA DAT, Cliff’s AP Bio 3rd Edition, Chad’s videos and quizzes

BIO – Ave 18 (Probably would be lower, but I’m not considering my first attempt on some)
GC – 19.7 (9 Tests)
OC – Ave 18.8 (6 Tests)
RC – 21.5 (2 Tests)
QR – 19.4 (5 Tests)
PAT – 20 (5 Tests)

Qvault review:
BIO – I thought this is what made qvault worth it. The quizzes correlate somewhat well with Cliff’s, which made it a nice review tool. I took all the tests, some of them multiple times, and used the “save” feature to review questions later. Even with all my Bio prep the real section was still tough, but I though Qvault Bio was excellent.

GC – I’m dissapointed with myself here. Qvault was a great practice tool, but I just don’t know what happened. I wish I had rewatched Chad’s videos one more time and gone through his quizzes.

OC – Surprised I didn’t do better here, O Chem is one of my better subjects. Qvault was ok, probably the same level as GC. Again, wish I had gone through Chad’s quizzes one more time.

RC – Qvault RC gets a bad rep sometimes, but it really isn’t half bad. I think this section has a lot to do with luck on the passages you get. I’ve taken the DAT before and my last time I scored 22. I had one really hard passage this time, hence I didn’t do so well. That’s just the way it goes.

QR – I really like Qvault for QR. I used Chad’s videos for review, which was helpful for certain concepts, Math Destroyer for a broad array of question types, and Qvault for timing. I thought Qvault had a very similar feel.

PAT – 25! Achiever was tough, but good if you want to learn to think about the PAT thoroughly. Qvault was harder in every section as well, except maybe angles. I recommend Qvault PAT. But honestly, PAT has always seemed to come more naturally.

I know a lot of people have questions about Qvault, if you have questions about it, ask away.

I’m happy with my scores, but I’d like to hear if you think I have a shot at some interviews/acceptance this cycle. My GPA and sGPA are about 3.75 and assuming everything else is good, what do you think my chances are?

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