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2013 DAT Breakdown – 20/18/20 by shrister

DAT Score with breakdown!

Sorry guys I posted these scores couples days back but I wanted to update it with breakdown as well as change the title so I posted again. 

PA: 20
QR: 19 
RC: 25
Bio: 17 
GC: 18, 
OC: 20
TS: 18, AA: 20

I’m not the brightest of students, only 3.3 GPA, science is 3.0. However, I have tons and tons of community service and I’m on board of global dental brigades. What is your guys opinion on my chances of getting into dental school. Also, should I be retaking my DATs? I really don’t want to, as I’m sure nobody ever wants to haha.


RC: Only practiced twice using 2 achiever practice tests. They were extremely difficult but I practiced different techniques with each article and found that reading the first 5-6 questions before reading the article helped. I wrote down key words on my scratch paper during the test which helped a lot. 

QR: Math destroyer, chads videos, achiever practice tests, top score practice tests. I didn’t get through too much destroyer which I regret because I ran into a few difficult questions that I didn’t see in chads or in my practice test. I say do a lot of destroyer to get a hang of every type of hard question because for me I had extremely easy questions and then difficult questions that I just couldn’t find my way around. 

PAT: CrackDAT PAT, achiever and top score practice tests. Honestly, I felt cdp and achiever/top score PAT was much more difficult in terms of hole punching and paper folding. However, I think my 20 score was because of the angle ranking questions, I’m certain I guessed on all of them. Cube counting was also much simpler on the real test, no crazy dimensions or illusions. I found my practice test keyholes were easier than on the real test. I was scoring 15/15 on my practice test but on the real test I skipped the first 3 and ended up guessing. 

Bio: chads, cliffs AP bio summary (only 30 pages), Alan’s notes (another 30 pages), achiever/top score practice tests, destroyer. Clearly biology section killed me. During practice tests I was scoring 18-19s so I was never really comfortable and this test just whooped my butt. I was caught completely off guard and constantly had to guess. Read the full cliffs AP bio!! Use the summary of it just towards the end for more popular topics. Also, chads is useless which he admits because its not near complete. 

G-Chem: destroyer, chads, topscore/achiever, kaplan blue book. I can’t believe I scored so low in this section, it was my best subject going into the test. I think chads and the practice tests prepared me extremely well for mathematical chem questions which I was told would be a majority of the chem section. I was hit with a bunch of perceptual questions on the real test and was only able to deduce the answer choices to 2 and then guess. 

O-chem: destroyer, chads, achiever/topscore. Chads was so helpful for this section. Print out his PDF he gives with his lecture and study all the reactions he has on there. It covers a majority of the test. Then do destroyer for those random hard questions. With all the sciences including this one, I didn’t utilize destroyer enough so I could answer all the general questions with chads help but was stuck on the difficult ones. 

Overall advice: chads for all the sciences for a good review and then do destroyer! I did not utilize destroyer enough and that’s why I didn’t get that great score in any of my sciences. For math, just practice tough questions because the easy questions they asked, a 7th grader could have answered. For PAT just practice over and over again, don’t let time get the best of you. Hope this helps, feel free to ask/comment.

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