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2013 DAT Breakdown – 20/19/20 by wombo

DAT breakdown 8/16/13
Hey everyone, I just took the DAT for the first time after 2 ½ months of on and off studying. I have to admit that I am extremely lazy and did not study as much as I could have. I’m in my senior year of college and I took biology and gen chem freshman year. As a result, I was extremely rusty and had a tough time especially with GC. I took organic my junior year but I was still not confident the entire class. Judging by the practice tests, I thought I was going to do terrible. The day before my test, I took the Kaplan test and scored a 17… the same as my midterm. Also, the 2 weeks leading up to the test, my achiever scores were p*ss poor(I know they’re harder). My confidence was pretty shot. I went into the test hoping to get anything higher than a 17. How I ended up with a 20? I have no clue. I have never scored higher than an 18 on any section in my study materials.

Here’s my results! Total surprise for me(LOOK AT PRACTICE TEST SCORES)


Kaplan Diagnostic
Kaplan Midterm(after 3 weeks)
Kaplan Final(day before exam!)

TOPSCORE(took one every other week)
PAT:hungover:id nottake
RC did not take
QR:hungover:id not take

Achiever: Took the sciences sections only starting 2 weeks prior to test date

Official DAT test comments:
Bio: pretty similar to Kaplan/topscore. There were some diagram type questions that I was unsure of. Felt extremely unsure on several questions(felt like I made a 15)
GC: Also very similar to Kaplan/topscore. I did’nt really know how to do the math type questions but I guess I got extremely lucky!
OC: no clue what was going on. Did better on the real thing than I’ve ever done on a practice test so I’m somewhat satisfied although a 17 really pulled my score down. 
PAT: FREAKING Angle rankings p*ssed me off! I usually blow through them.. but I literally spent 10+ minutes on them. Rest of the sections were just like Kaplan. 
RC: I only did the reading sections from Kaplan… was pretty similar to the actual test. Although, the actual DAT passages had much more info/details. 
QR: didn’t study for this section except taking the Kaplan test sections. I wasn’t planning on doing too well but the actual DAT was quite easy.

So, I know a 20 isn’t one of those awesome scores I usually see on this forum.. but considering the fact that I kind of winged my studying I’m sooo freaking happy

Also, I have DAT achiever 7 test with a few months left. Only bought it like 2 weeks ago. PM me any offers!

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