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2013 DAT Breakdown – 20/20/19 by surf4ever

Hey SDN, 

Just took the test, could use some feed back and also wanted to tell others about what worked (and didn’t work) for me. There is so much study material out there that I really felt like I wasted my time (& money) just trying to figure out what I should be studying, instead of actually studying.

Last time I took the DAT, 3 years ago, I got a 19 AA and my overall gpa is 3.2 with 3.2 for science. For the schools that I applied to in California, that did not cut it. I received an interview with ASDOH but they stressed the community hours and my 300-something didn’t cut it. 

This time around on the DAT I got:

PA 19
QR 17 (wtf?!)
RC 20
Bio 17 (really?)
GC 25
OC 20
AA 20

Bio was terrible. I honestly wasn’t even sure what a couple questions were asking. Maybe it was nervousness getting me, but I was surprised at how incredibly specific the bio section was. I did DAT destroyer, and basically googled everything about every topic that popped up in an answer or question. I took the free DAT Bootcamp test, and also did Barron’s. This was not enough.

For Ochem and Gen Chem I did Chad’s Videos which were way worth it! I didn’t even finish the Ochem videos to be honest, I wish I would have had more time. Also did DAT destroyer, practice problems are very important and destroyer has pretty good explanations. DAT Bootcamp is something I wish I would have spent the money on, the free practice tests were very helpful and gave incredibly good explanations. I would advise people not to buy Baron’s DAT book. That thing sucked – boring and a lot of the questions were mistyped and the answers were wrong. The only thing it was good for was the Perceptual Ability section. It was pretty much the only practice I did for PAT and it helped a little. (I’m sure if you spend the money and buy CrackDATPAT you don’t need it though.)

For Reading Comprehension I did a couple of the Barron’s passages, and timed myself. I really suck at reading comp, I’m a slow reader and take my time to understand and learn things. During the exam, I started by using the method where you skip to the questions and write down a short, abbreviated description of each question next to it’s # on your white board, then read through the text and look for answers. This ended up taking way too much time, way worse than I practiced! So I went back to just reading the last 2 passages, jotting down a description of each paragraph, then answered the questions. This worked much better for me, the passages were actually a ton of pretty short paragraphs so it was easy to go back through and find an answer. 

For Quantitative Reasoning, I did Chad’s and a bunch of DAT destroyer problems. Also did the free DAT Bootcamp test. Chad is all that for science, but he didn’t go in depth enough for the QR section. I knew Chad’s QR in and out and still got a 17, I thought I was good at math. Wish I would’ve just done a whole bunch of practice problems!!! Do as many as possible! I should’ve done more practice exams, they were absolutely the most helpful.

I was happy to see that the prometric center got fine pointed pens, finally, instead of the big chunky ones they gave us 3 years ago. You couldn’t even understand your own notes and had to write really big or else your writing erased itself. They did give us erasers before though, now they don’t do that! Only 2 dry erase boards and 2 markers (not sure if 2 markers is normal), i literally spit on my finger and wiped a section of my board clean at one point during QR. Sorry for the germs guys! lol girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Anyways, sorry for so much info but I hope it helps a few of you guys feel better about what to expect on the test. I have a life but the last month and a half this is all I did pretty much and I think some stuff worked and some did not. 

I just hope I don’t have to take this test ever again!!! Got my app in the first day for this cycle, now that my DAT is done I’m hoping to get the ball rolling and get my butt into dental school! 

Good luck to everybody studying for the DAT! Remember, DO PRACTICE PROBLEMS!!!

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