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2013 DAT Breakdown – 20/20/20 by VTMed14

No More Studying!!!! I finally took the test on 8/8/13 after beginning my studying in late May. I pretty much stuck to the wonderful eight week study schedule on here with a few exceptions.

Score Breakdown-
sGPA- 3.73 oGPA-3.76


I figure the best way to do this is to break it down by section-

Followed the sample study guide on this one for Cliffs AP, reading one day then re-reading with note taking on the following day. I wasn’t a big fan of KBB, and didn’t take any notes on the sections, but reading through them helped review all of the same topics from Cliffs and couldn’t have hurt. After making my way through the books I worked through DAT Destroyer 2.5 times before test day

Chad’s Videos were fantastic, and I can’t thank ll of you for recommending him high enough. After watching his videos through one time I focused on DAT destroyer, making my way through it 2.5 times as well, and whenever I had questions I referred back to the appropriate video.

Crack DAT PAT, the ten test version. I tried to take one per week, with one every three days as I got closer to test date.I didn’t start looking at this section until I started doing DAT destroyer problems.

Chad’s videos were great for this as well, although there were definitely parts on Math destroyer and the DAT that weren’t covered as extensively. I followed the eight week plan almost exactly for this, with more tests being taken the closer I got to test date. I bought crack DAT for math, but only ended up taking two of the tests as I felt Math destroyer, when timed, was just as effective.

Didn’t study for this at all. I took a few practice tests (which I’ll talk about in a second) and scored pretty highly on these using the search and destroy method. On the actual test itself there were a few questions that didn’t ask for exact quotes, but they were still pretty reasonable. 

Practice Tests-
I stuck to top score almost exclusively, and although there are only three tests, and some repeat questions, I was pretty happy with how it evaluated my ability. I took each test twice, with my first one being taken after reviewing chad/cliffs the first time through and then sporadically when I didn’t feel like studying all day. I tended to score between 17-19 on the sciences, with low 20’s on QR/PAT and mid-high 20’s on RC. I also was scoring between 18-20 on Crack DAT PAT as well.

Overall I spent about 5-6 hours per day, taking a day off every 10 days or so. I am a year removed from my orgo class in school, and two from bio and chem. I’m beyond relieved to be finished with studying for this test, and I wish the best of luck to everyone who has yet to take it. If anyone has questions feel free to ask away, as I would love to give back to SDN after it helped me out so much.

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