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2013 DAT Breakdown – 20/20/21 by missdiana

DAT score 20/21/20 – simple breakdown

I always sort of wanted to write the breakdown! so I am presenting my breakdown of my modest score! 

I finished 2nd yr of college just now
GPA is 3.7 (last semester it was 3.92 but i had family emergency this semester – so it dropped)
my scores are
PAT 21
QR 21
RC 20
Bio 21
Gchem 20
Ochem 19
TS 20
AA 20

I used
Cliff Ap Bio
Alan’s bio note
DAT destroyer
Barrons’s DAT
2007 DAT practice test

I studied more than 6 month but on-and-off. I had to keep up with school and like I said, I had family emergency (mom got into a serious car accident so I had to take care of my baby sisters – i went to college that is 2 hrs away from my home – use to live on campus but when my mom was recovering I had to commute several times a day 

I will just write the most useful way of using each materials

*Cliff AP bio and Alan’s bio 
– just read whenever you have time.before go to sleep or whenever you have time for relaxing reading. For me, I remember things that i saw the most. I never really sat down more than 30 minutes to read this. just 10 minutes before go to bed – i read couple pages every night

*DAT Destroyer 
-I solved 100 questions every day. so- for first 3 days – i did orgo (~100 questions/days) then 4 days for Gen chem then 5 days for Bio section. 
I write down all the questions I got wrong again – 
then after a week of break (not intended but there were times I couldn’t study due to school and family matters) – I do it again.
I did 3 times for each sections

Crack DAT PAT ($100 ver. – 5 tests)
– If you have problem with one specific section (for me-it was angle and cube counting)
just do that section continuously for about 2 hours.
so basically
I did 
Test 1 angle -> Test 2 angle -> Test 3 angle and so on.
eventually I grow eyes for each angles and sections
when I did my practice exam – i got 24 on practice so I wasn’t so happy with my score with real DAT PAT…(21)
Real PAT section was harder (except angle section was much easier than Crack PAT)

2007 DAT practice
Bio – about 18
gchem 22
ochem 30
rc – ?

so except chemistry sections – I did much better on real dat than 2007 practice

I know my score is not that great
but I hope this is interesting to some people!

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