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2013 DAT Breakdown – 20/21/17 by Minion

btw, I am aznnytezx also. I use Minion whenever I access my phone, but aznnytezx for the computer. 

Here are my scores:

Perceptual ability – 17
QR – 19 
Bio – 20 
RC – 20 
GC – 20 
OC – 23 

TS – 21 (91.6%)
AA – 20 (87.6%)


This section is not as random as one might expect. I did not study anything on taxonomy and plants, but I did know the basics for each one. The taxonomy and plants section were REALLY basic, if you have been experiencing yourself with DATQVAULT, Bootcamp, and Destroyers then you are set for this section. I went through the destroyer once, Fera’s notes once, QVAULT exam for bio once, and one exam for bootcamp. I did not review all the questions right after I finished the exam, usually I will go over it later that day or night. Sometime even 2-3 days later. Destroyer saved me for one question, QVAULT saved me for a lot of questions, and Bootcamp maybe saved me one question. I also marked several questions on this exam, not random, but I just didn’t remember my things. Also at the very last week before my exam, I did over 300 destroyer for biology, all 10 QVAULT bio exams, and one DAT bootcamp. I will say just know the basics, there were not details at all on this exam. All the details you will encounter will be on QVAULT, so they supply the stuff that you need to know.

From most useful would be QVAULT, Destroyer, then bootcamp. Fera’s notes I only use it to brush up on the materials that I was forgetting. 

Organic chemistry

This section was not that bad, I thought it was one of the easier sections. I did this one in 25 minutes, and everything I saw was at least in my practice exams. Also, there are a lot of lab questions, so I would prepare that if I were you. DAT bootcamp literally saved me one question! QVAULT helped me out tremendously in this area just because they give you the most random lab questions in their exam. In fact, some of those lab questions were repeated on my exam. In this section, know your basic reactions and basic NMR and IR. The NMR and IR wasn’t too bad, it would just ask about how many peaks and whatnot. I did 4 DAT bootcamps within the last two days before my exam. Chad’s videos also saved me here, as a starting point.

Gen Chemistry

This section was actually pretty tough for me. There were several lab questions along with some weird worded questions. I am glad I made a 20 on this section, actually I would think that gen chem would be my strongest areas. The math was really basic though, if you have been doing all 10 exams for QVAULT, then you should be fine for the real exam. At one point, I wanted to quit on the exam because I struggled through biology and next was chemistry. I thought I was working really fast for general chemistry because it said question 50/100, Which I had like 10 minutes left. I was like wow, I only need to answer 10 more questions in 10 more minutes. Well, boy I was wrong. I forgot that the biology section consisted of 40 questions, so i literally picked up my speed for general chemistry which made me finished the general chemistry with 25 minutes remaining for organic.


This section had to be the more relaxing section, I was so glad that I did not have to think anymore. I don’t consider myself a great reader, and in fact when I took Crack DAT reading a long time ago, I was scoring a 17-19. Then I tried QVAULT, and I would say just do QVAULT for reading. It will help you pick up the speed, and help you find out which passage is where. It will improve your ability to mentally map things in your head.

My exam was purely search and destroy for 40 questions, and tone was 10 questions about.

I would consider the tone questions semi-search and destroy too, they would ask what was the author talking about when he mentioned this bacteria? How does he feel about it? I mean, you search for the word bacteria or its name, and then just read before and after. I used key words such as however, or unfortunately to narrow down my choices. The words were hard too, I did not know the meaning to 3/5 words. So I narrow my answer down for tone questions to 3 answers. Was also lucky in this section that I had 2 easy to read passages and 1 hard passage. The first passage I read, and took notes number 1-17. Write in some basic key words, such as date, name, and main idea. I did not do that for the last two passages because they were too dense, I felt everything was a key word. So I did pure search and destroy due to freaking out.


I am so pumped with this score. I only did 3 bootcamp exams for this, I would say just work on all 5 bootcamps rather than math destroyers. The math isn’t all that bad really, I would say boot camp exams worded EXACTLY like the actual DAT. I saw like 5-10 questions that were worded exactly. I used math destroyer prob for one exam and 1/4 exam. I did not study the QR at all, I only worked on it for half of a day yesterday. I would recommend bootcamp over math destroyer, the reason because it helps you on your timing. Math destroyer may takes you 1 hr and half to finish 40 questions, on the real DAT you have 45 minutes. You may know everything about math, but if you are slow at it.. then expect it to be a low score. For this section, a great technique is go through all the ones you know first, that will take you 30 seconds to work out. Guess on all the harder problems, and at the very end of the exam. Review all marked, and answer those. In fact, I did that for general chemistry too.

However, I was not able to go back and reviewed any marked. I probably marked about 15 questions. If you are doing math, you are going get 25% of the 15 questions right. Which would yield about 4 questions, meaning you would get 11 questions wrong. If luck is by your side, you can get more right by guessing. I would say the tough problems would take me 3-4 minutes, so I rather go through all the easy ones first.


No advice for this section, if you want to score at least a 17 then do like me. get 15/15 for hole punching, 15/15 for cube counting, and for the rest of the sections.. it is a whole new practice exam.

Unfortunately, the angle rankings are ALL 3-5 degrees apart. The choices didn’t help either.

Also, since I knew I am only good at hole punching and cube counting, and angle ranking is okay.

I would just skip TFE and key holes, and would leave around 10-20 minutes left for these two sections.

I am never great at PAT, and it really hurts my eyes looking at them.

Final notes

Always believe in yourself, and hang out. I started my practice exams really late, at mid August. Started studying around May, it was really on and off. I probably had several 3-4 days break. Anyone can do it, you don’t have to study 24/7 to get a decent score. If I were able to redo the exam.. I would probably work on PAT, go through QVAULT each question and saved questions. Review on last day rather than cramming in more materials. The last day before my exam, I believe I did 3-4 biology practice, 3-4 math practices (Bootcamp), 2 chemistries, and 2 organic.

I did not do ANY FULL length exams. I did not have much time left, I even purchased 2009 ADA. The only thing I touched on it was biology, which I made a 20 on.

If I did full practice exams, I would be beating the time instead of letting the time beat me. Remember, timing is helpful for the DAT.

Here are my attached scores, also I used chimpanzee schedule for like 3 days at the month of mid august. Didn’t work out, so I used his excel instead. For the destroyers, I would average around 80% on organic, 60% on biology, and 70% on chemistry every time I did about 80 questions a day.

Anyways, overall I have a 3.61 GPA, Science is around the same too. Do you think my chances for a Texas school is decent with that 17 on PAT? Or should I retake? 

If there is any questions, I will be glad to answer everyone’s question. I would like to thank everyone who helped me out in this forum. Despite the fact that I was annoying with all my questions, READING SEARCH AND DESTROY? HOW HARD IS MATH? FOR PAT IS THERE LINE COUNTING? FOR BIOLOGY IS THERE DIVERSITY OR PLANTS? LOL :D:D:D

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