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2013 DAT Breakdown – 20/21/17 by romoxx23

May 10 2013 Breakdown

Alright so this Breakdown is pretty average unlike many of you powerful brains out there.
I would just like to tell all of you thank you for your many posts and wonderful / daunting experiences with the DAT.

I studied for about 12 weeks and this is how it happened. 

for the first 4 weeks I went over Chad’s videos nonstop I went and watched his Gchem once normal speed in one week then ochem normal speed the second week. During these first two weeks I also studied the PAT every other day on CDP. During week 3 and 4 I went over Gchem on chad’s videos and ochem in fastplay and made sure I understood the basics from all the chem’s. 

Week 5 and 6 I went to DAT Destroyer and went over 200 problems for ochem and gen chem in two weeks. I also studied Bio everyday through Cliff’s AP Bio book. ( I read every night biology). Week 7 and 8 was all Biology to give myself time to forget the chem’s and come back to them. During all of this time I would take 1 hr aside to practice PAT and every sat do a CDP test. 

Week 9-10 was back to DAT destroyer where i went over the 200 problems I did two weeks ago and then moved forward to finish whatever I hadn’t done and started to test myself on DAT Destroyer BIo. 

Week 11- 12 was all QR flashcards/knowing math problems and trying to do them quickly.

Now my scores are
20 AA / 21 TS/ GCHEM 24/ OCHEM 24/ BIO 19/ RC 18/ PAT 17/QR 17

Now I know that many people have much better scores than I do but just thought i’d give a breakdown of someone that tried their best.

Chad’s videos- are insanely good. He helped me on everything I needed for the chem’s.
DAT destroyer- was great, it was fun and helpful. Although it was above and beyond, I think what it did most was build up my brain power.
CDP- was also wonderful. However my PAT was really really hard. There were objects on my PAT- that looked like rocks. I mean I was really shocked. CDP was great for basics/ but I thought that the material I saw on my PAT was beyond what I learned in CDP
Cliffs is all you need for Bio. DAT destroyer was ok for this I guess to help some.
Math destroyer- Great review material.

The test itself was hard in my opinion. I had some tough reading passages and PAT. There were moments where I thought to myself “this is so so difficult.” And honestly I tried my best. I studied as best that I thought I could and gave it my all.

Note* Did not do Kaplan course/ or use Kaplan blue book for study/ I however had Kaplan flashcards which I did use/

URM-1st Gen College Student/3.8GPA /3.7 Science.

Hope this helps someone and materials are for sale now.(Send a PM)
Best of luck to everyone this application cycle!

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