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2013 DAT Breakdown – 20/21/18 by huskiesrule

Wanna give a shout out to all the individuals that posted their breakdowns on here. Time to give mine. 

BIO: 20
GChem: 21
Ochem: 23 :)
QR: 19
RC: 18 :(
PAT: 18 :(
AA: 20
TS: 21

Bio: Qvault and Bootcamp are the best. Honestly speaking having a strong bio background is the best way to get a 20+ on this section unless you wanna read Cliff’s 5 times. 

Gchem: I think Destroyer needs to stop being promoted to the extent that it is. CHADS AND BOOTCAMP=$$$$$

OCHEM; Once again CHADS+BOOTCAMP=best combo. Was hoping for a perfect score on this section. I guess I missed a couple questions.

QR: Not much to say. Review basic math, trig, geometry. I finished on time. Had to randomly guess on 4 problems i had no clue how to do. If you can’t solve it move on to the next one. I got through 30 questions in the first 35 minutes. Had 10 marked with 10 minutes. SOlved 6 of them and had to randomly guess on 4. Got a 19.

RC: Okay. Really dissapointed here. Was hoping for a 20+. I would recommend Bootcamp’s RC tests. Other than that, I’ve always had a weak reading comprehension ability and I was certain that would show up on my scores and it did. English is not my first language, possibly thats why. 

PAT: :( I honestly thought I failed the sciences (got in the 17’s in bio 18s in the chems) so I think my losing my confidence showed up on here. I hit 20’s on CDP tests. 

Keyholes: Some were doable and some were like WTF. I think I did the worst here. Defintley the hardest section
TFE: Not too bad. USE BOOTCAMP over CDP
Angles: Fairly Hard since most were pretty close. 
Hole Punching: I usually got 13/15 on CDP tests but don’t know what happened here. at 3-4 hard ones. 
Cube: Normal. Not bad at all. 
Pattern Folding: DAT BOOTCAMP are the best representitive of PF. I thought this was really easy if you can visualize how its folding. 

Overall, I’m happy with a 21 TS, 20 AA, but the 18 PAT is definitely not the bright spot. ANy thoughts?

ALSO wanna give a huge shoutout to ARI of DAT Bootcamp. I hope he reads this. I felt his tests were best prep for the DAT. If I had done more practice tests from his RC and Bootcamp I would’ve had a 20+ on each of them for sure. 

Also, CHADS IS THE DUDE FOR CHEMISTRY. I took Ochem 4 years ago. Had it to learn it from scratch and got a 23. So definitely doable.

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