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2013 DAT Breakdown – 21/20/21 by TheHostess

 Dat Breakdown, and Questions 1/17/13

So I just got done with the DAT a few hours ago. I’m pretty relieved and happy overall, but somewhat irked as well.

AA-21 (93.4)
TS-20 (85.2)
Bio-22 (95.9)
Gen Chem-18 (62.2) 
OChem-20 (79.9)
RC-23 (89.8)
QR-20 (94.0)
PAT-21 (87.9)

Just a quick rundown of my study methods, I followed dentalWorks’ study schedule very closely (, adding in Topscore and DATQvault practice tests at the end. Like has been said before, Chad’s videos were great, Cliff’s was awesome, etc. Math Destroyer and DAT Destroyer were very helpful as well, and very reflective of the actual test IMO.

I would be thrilled with my scores, well I AM thrilled, BUT…. The Gen Chem score really irks me. I was scoring between 20-22 on the practice test sections, I honestly I’m not sure what happened. I’ve seen people say in the actual test this section is more straightforward than DAT destroyer, but I felt the complete opposite.

Anyways, in this environment of hyper-competitiveness, how much is an 18 on the Gen Chem going to set me back do you guys think? I’m very pleased with the rest of my scores, I’m just wondering if the gen chem is going to be a big ugly black mark?

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