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2013 DAT Breakdown – 21/22/16 by kgupta3

DAT Done!!! Scores, breakdown and advice needed!!!

So I just got done with the DAT! I started studying in winter break so I had almost 2 months to study. I’ve never studied so hard in my life every single day. I feels surreal to have so much free time now haha.

PAT 16
QR 15
RC 19
Bio 19
GC 25
OC 25
TS 22
AA 21

GPA: 3.01

The PAT and QR were hard, I was disappointed with these 2 scores. But I was kinda expecting that since I spend most of my time focusing on the sciences and ran out of time towards the end. It used Crack DAT PAT and the Math Destroyer for those 2 sections. I don’t think CDP was similar to the real thing in terms of the keyhole and top front end sections. The real DAT had really hard questions so I would suggest trying something other than CDP. I took the DAT once before and it was more similar to CDP then, than it is now. I heard the PAT section evolves every year so that makes sense I guess.

Biology was sooooo random! Like I got one question about the significance of the cloning of dolly….I did alright but still. A lot of my studying came from the Kaplan Blue book and Cliffs AP. I also used a bunch of notes that people posted on here. Alan’s notes were awesome to review after reading the books.

The 2 chem sections were SO easy it’s not even funny! I used Chad’s videos and the Destroyer. The destroyer was super overkill, chad’s videos would’ve been more than enough because the questions I got were so basic. Genchem has just conceptual questions and no real question involving calculations (except one easy hess’s law question). I flew through orgo in just 7 minutes, the questions were not difficult at all. 

Also this site was amazing. Every question I ever had while studying, I came here and someone had the answer. Can’t be thankful enough. Not sure what else to say lol. Does the percentile mean anything? My AA is in the 97% percentile.

Now I need advice. Should I retake the DAT? This is my second time taking it. The first time, my AA was 16.
Last year my GPA was 2.86 and I brought it up to 3.0 last semester. I’m trying to get it up to at least 3.2 this semester hopefully by getting straight A’s. I’m a reapplicant trying to show some dental schools some real improvement. 

What do you guys think? I know my chances are extremely slim if there even is a chance. Trying to be optimistic but at the same time, feeling a little…bleh. Looking for some direction. I’m gonna apply this june and try to get a job for next fall at NIH or some government organization as a sort of back up plan while I pursue dental schools. I wan’t to do further schooling like a masters or something but I’m not sure if it’s a better idea to do one of the post-bacc programs or get an actual masters degree in something.

Thanks in advance 

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