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2013 DAT Breakdown – 21/22/18 by dienepredent

I’ve been patiently waiting for the day that I can finally be done with the DAT and be one of the ones posting a breakdown. :D

Bio- 19
GC- 25:eek:
OC- 25 :eek:
TS- 22
PAT- 18
RC- 20
QR- 16 :mad:
AA- 21

anyway, I spent about 2.5 months studying. I’m happy with all my scores except for QR…for obvious reasons. I definitely don’t want to retake just for one section especially since this was the most grueling process ever. Plus, chances of me doing this high again in some of the other sections is unlikely. Played eye of the tiger on the way to the testing center to get pumped. Although I was beyond nervous and everyone at the testing center could tell. They were all pretty nice. The scratch paper is plenty especially if you trade them out for new ones during the break. I literally inhaled a bag of chips and a soda as fast as I could and did jumping jacks in the bathroom during my break to get my blood flowinnn. I was worried I would take longer than 15min so I rushed and I ended up having 3 minutes left anyway. Each testing center is different so describing mine probably wont help much. Had to take a fingerprint and go through a metal detector thing every time I went in and out of the testing room. Had about 20min left after the sciences section AFTER checking my marked answers so you’ll have plenty of time. PAT, had like 10 min left so I went back to TFE and keyholes which I struggled with most and checked those. Changed a few answers! RC had like 8 minutes left so I used that time to write down common math like conversions and formulas for reference. …didn’t really help with the particular questions i had though unfortunately. qr, ran out of time and rushed the last 10 questions and had to guess on a couple. :(


1)KBB for a good solid foundation (which was still a lot to me because I hadn’t taken any previous A&P courses so 75% of the material was new to me. And I don’t have the best memory so retaining all the random bits of information was a struggle). I went through this twice.
2) Cliffs because I heard KBB leaves out A LOT. which it did. however I didnt like the wordiness of cliffs and I often couldn’t focus on it for too long.
3) Destroyer: AMAZEBALLS. yes, it’s way harder than anything you’ll see but it’s amazing practice and really gives you a taste of how much you know (or how much you suck at life and don’t know) Did this twice.
4) Bootcamp: again, a GREAT source of practice. The more practice you get for bio the better because it covers so much! Did these multiple times spaced out throughout my studying to commit some concepts to memory.

Real DAT
Super random, as everyone says. There are going to be questions where youre like wtf is this garbage is this even a real word? So yeah, make educated guesses when you’re unsure. I marked a ton on here.


1) I went through KBB GC but honestly, it’s garbage. It leaves out SO MUCH. not worth your time. 
2) Chads. I was skeptical when everyone kept saying he was all you needed but he LITERALLY is everything you need. If you do nothing else do this and his quizzes! 
3) Destroyer: REALLY GOOD to help you nail concepts and calculations down. The more you practice GC, the better you’ll do. Did this twice.
4) Bootcamp: I thought this was tough for gen chem but maybe that’s because I practiced this early on in my studying… but again the more practice the better!!!!!!

Real DAT

Surprisingly MUCH easier than any practice. Only got stuck on maybe a problem or two. probably 75% conceptual! Even the math problems had some already set up for you. So yeah CONCEPTS CONCEPTS CONCEPTS. 

1) again, KBB but it is really bad. You don’t need KBB for anything but a bio foundation honestly. waste of time!
2) Destroyer (1x). It’s good practice but you really need to have your reactions down.
3) Bootcamp: good practice but I feel like it’s tougher than the real thing and some questions are very… strange in my opinion. definitely tripped me up on a few. Which is good so you dont make the same mistakes on the real DAT.

I didnt bother with chads because I had a good OC background and already knew a lot from classes. I just needed practice to get as high as I could on the real deal, cha feel? :cool: yeah im lame.

Real DAT

Overall I thought it was very easy compared to any practice I had prior! Yay! Mostly reactions which I had down. Nothing too tricky.

1) CDP: awesome source. Get it, live it, love it. I was really worried because everyone on here says the real PAT people generally get lower scores and I was averaging an 18 on CDP! I was honestly terrified that I would bomb this section because of that but phew! Everything is very comparable except Keyholes and TFE was much harder. Hole punching seemed easier to me. This is basically all I used aside from full practice tests which I’ll get into later.

Real DAT
Again, keyholes and TFE were really tough! but again, I was expected PAT to be one of my lower scores. I really do suck at it. 


…didn’t really practice this besides on the full length exams.

Real DAT

Articles weren’t too difficult to follow. I would read the first two questions to have them in the back of my head if I happened to come across the answer. But generally I actually read the passages and wrote a keyword or phrase with each paragraph to know where to go later. Seemed to work. 3 passages around 16-22 paragraphs each. A few tone questions here and there and applications but if you actually read the passages theyre simple.

1)KBB for a starting point
2) Destroyer: good but way too easy. the real thing was much harder
3) Math destroyer: way harder than the real thing but good practice! I thought I would be solid if I did all these. :laugh: LOL nope. 

Real DAT
Man I really can’t believe I got so low. Honestly some questions were simple but others were like, if apples are red and bananas are yellow what is the surface area of the sun? I was probably also really tired by this point and ran out of time so guessed on a few. 


1: 20/18/17/19/18/19/20/18
2: 19/18/25/20/19/20/19/20
3: 18/19/23/20/19/17/18/19 (I didn’t take RC seriously in this one because I was tired/lazy so after the first passage I put random answers)
ACHEIVER: (got lazy with the RC for all three of these tests)
1: 17/17/18/18/16/15/17/17 
2: 16/19/18/18/17/17/17/17
3: 15/16/19/17/15/14/18/16

Acheiver is way too hard in all areas. Scores mean NOTHING. Probably a waste of time and killed my confidence. Loved topscore. Again, I didn’t expect my QR to be so low based off all my practice scores. Took a qvault qr the day before randomly and got a 22. idk. also, rc was much harder i feel on these tests. I guess the passages in general were odd. 

ANYWAY, do you think qr will kill my chances? Also, I know it’s long so sorry. Feel free to ask me any other questions about any of this. if you haven’t taken it yet, YOU CAN DO IT VICTORY IS WITHIN SIGHT!

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