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2013 DAT Breakdown – 22/24/18 vik91

Hello and thank you to everyone on SDN who have really led me through the entire DAT process and the DO’s and DONT’s while studying. I really feel a great deal of whatever success I did achieve is due to everyone here. 

Some background: I took the DAT last summer 08/12 and my scores are as follows:
PAT: 18 :(
GC: 19
OC: 22
RC: 16 wow :(
QR:16 :(
TS: 19
AA: 18
BCP gpa was 3.67. Science gpa was 3.57 and overall was 3.69.

I was pretty mad because I had no idea how I got the 16 in reading as I was doing fine having taken a couple Kaplan practice tests and Barron’s. Anyways I got a couple interviews and got waitlisted.

I retook the DAT last week after having graduated a couple months ago and here are my new scores.
PAT: 18 
Bio: 22
GC: 28 :)
OC: 25:)
RC: 19…better than before I guess so I’ll take it
QR: 14 :( smh
TS: 24- 98.7%
AA: 22- 95.6%
BCP gpa is 3.70. Science gpa is 3.62 and overall is 3.72

So I’ve never been a math person I’ve aways hated it and have been really bad at it. This time I figured me studying for math so hard wasn’t gong to help me too much and I rather shift that focus on the sciences. I used datQvault for biology and some math. I also used it for gen chem but never for full tests just sections I needed to focus on. Chads videos were a must for the chemistries, but they are okay for QR and biology. For bio I skimmed through certain sections of Kaplan that I didn’t see in Cliff’s AP which I read thoroughly once two months ago. I really recommend Barrons AP Bio which I found a week before my exam, but wished I found it earlier because I think it covers things way better than Cliffs or Kaplan. Crack DAT for PAT and reading, as well as Achiever for Reading. Other than this I just took the Topscore tests for the sciences and got no higher than a 20 on any section in any of the 3 tests, so the actual dat scores will be higher. 

So my friends and family have been getting really excited about my scores when they look at TS or AA, but Im just really worried about that math score and that it may keep me out from dental school. I’d appreciate any comments or feedback in regards to my scores from everyone out there. Thank you once again

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