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2013 DAT Breakdown – 22/21/22 by power5643

DAT breakdown 6/1/13

Hello guys! I just took my second DAT. I took my first one on January. Ignore any grammar mistakes. English is my second language. 

First –> Second
Bio 15 –> 20
GC 16 –> 24
OC 19 –> 23
PAT 18 –> 21
QR 21 –> 21
Reading 17 –> 18 (Yeah…. ESL..) 

So TS 22 AA 21 PAT 21

Total study time – 2 months

I started studying around end of March. I still had last semester of school left so I had to study for both school subjects and DAT. 

Biology – AP cliffs, AP Barrons, DAT destroyer, Ferali’s notes (awesome), DATQvault, and DATbootcamp.

As many people said it already AP cliffs is MUST. I read this front to back about four times. AP barrons + Ferali’s notes + DATQvault can help you with fill in missing parts (physiology section) from AP Cliffs. DATbootcamp is really nice practice also and very cheap. DAT destroyer is must!! I had like 3 or 4 same questions in my Real DAT. (I had 0 questions on plants this time )

Testing – When I took my first DAT(I was not very prepared), I really thought that this section was very random and hard but this time I felt like every questions were fair game. I think most materials were covered in AP cliffs. 

GC/OC – Chad Chad Chad Chad Chad Chad!!!!!! Destroyer Destroyer Destroyer!!!!! Chad will save your life. Watch his video while taking notes and go over destroyer twice. 

Testing – GC was very straightforward, there were some questions that Chad didnt go over but they were covered in Destroyer. For OC, biochemistry part is rarely on the exam. I didn’t have any questions about Carbs or AA. 

PAT – CDP awesome!! I averaged about 21ish in CDP and I got 21. I didn’t try any other programs. 

Testing – Keyhole and hole punching are harder than CDP but I think other sections were very similar. People say that you cant really use line counting in TFE for real DAT but about 7/15 questions you can use line counting. 

QR – Math destroyer! Very similar questions will appear on your exam. I am Korean so I am pretty good with basic math so I only studied QR for 2 days. Just make sure you know basic conversions and trig rules!

Reading – RIP 

I had 3.67 cGPA and 3.55 sGPA so hopefully I can get in this cycle! Good luck guys!!!! If I can do it you can do it!

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