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2013 DAT Breakdown – 22/22/19 by nirjar2212


Scores: (Percentile)
PAT: 19 (62.7)
QR: 22 (96.4)
RC: 21 (77.1) 
BIO: 23 (97.4) 
GC: 24 (96.1)
OC: 19 (67.1)
TS: 22 (94.8)
AA: 22 (95.7) 

Days for Preperation: 39 Days. Sorry didn’t counted hours but you can say I studied for 8 hours Atleeast. Last two weeks may be around 14-16 hours.

Background: Undergraduate at TEMPLE University. 3.9 Science GPA, 3.75 Overall GPA. Bio classes taken: Bio 1 & 2, Genetics, Mammalian Anatomy, Cell Structure and Function (when you see question related to clathrin, G protiens and stuff..those are covered here…pretty much a requirement for BioChem)

Materials Used: 
KBB and Kaplan white book, Campbell Presentation(Important), DAT and Math Destroyer, Achiever Test 1 and 2, Topscore test 1, CDP-10 test version with videos, CDR-5 test version. CHAD’s Videos, Gen Chem notes from college classes.

Truth About Kaplan Blue Book vs White Book(One given when you do Kaplan classes. I got it from my friend). Same material. KBB has colored diagrams in Bio. I don’t know about other section (didn’t went through). KBB has tear outs at the end which are really good for quick review.

Test vs Materials:
PAT: It was the hardest PAT test I ever took. All the sections were relatively harder than CDP. I feel like CDP is good for initial practice but you must use Achiever (7 test version..more practice) to get more than 18. Remember, this test is evolving so I strongly believe that CDP is OUTDATED. 
Keyholes: more proportions (may be do Kaplan and Topscore along with Achiever); 
TFE: more like Achiever—no line counting( I already knew that);
Hole Punching: More like Kaplan and CDP..very straight forward..Line of Symmetry works.
Angle: Very much like CDP. But I would not recommend CDP just for angles. All materials have decent angle ranking sections.
Cube Counting: Straight Forward..Kaplan and Achiever is good enough. 
Pattern Folding: Like 2009 ADA, more shapes with no shading, maybe like 5-6 shadings. So this proves that CDP is bull****. I think topscore has regular folding without shades..whatever just make sure you know what you are doing.
Time: I finished the last question as the clock ran down.

BIO: Went thorough KBB, Used bio notes posted by fellow SDN member (I think its called KBB combined notes or something. If you know who it is, then let me know so I can credit him here.)Probably best notes for Bio. Went through Camplbells Presentation from Chapter 1-57. Tired! REMEMBER: They used CAMPBELL to make this freaking section. SO, the best way to tackle this section is going through CAMPBELL. Questions were straight from presentations. There were like 4-5 Taxanomy questions. All topics were covered. It was probably like they took 1 question from each chapter Campbell. Believe me when I tell you this. 
Also a personal advice: No need to take upper level Bio if you are going to use campbell as your primary resource.
Most representative: 2009 ADA and TopScore

GC: Just know your stuff. I didn’t use Chad for this section. All topics are covered. Top Score is pretty good. 2009 ADA is too easy (See my other post about 2009 ADA scores just 2 days before exam). No ridiculous calculations as Achiever. More conceptual and basic Gas law calculations.

OC: Used Chad’s video. Reason for low score is I took OC 2 years before as a freshmen. Completely forgot everything. Chad really helped. Majority questions were right out of Destroyer. Man, that **** was the great investment. Definitely get that!! There was one question which was not covered by Chads and Destroyer. Other questions really checks if you understand all mechanisms. Chad was a great investment.

Thing that I would do different: may be do destroyer more 2-3 time (for ORGO) and attempt them as test questions. I was running out of time. 39 days are not that much. If you want more than 21+(in every section) then probably give DAT in summer.

RC: 2009 ADA test is very representative of the paragraphs. Got 21 on 2009 ADA and also got 21 here. Very similar questions as 2009 ADA. Use CDR for practice. Don’t get more than 5 tests. Do Achiever. Paragraphs: Genetic Disorders, Optic Cable and Prions (Achiever had very similar para.).

QR: Math Destroyer. There were 2 weird questions. I spent last 5 minute solving that. If you find something hard just mark it and go to the next one. Probability questions were easy and straight forward. Word Problems. Trig. Area and stuff. Math Destroyer is a must if you want more than 20+.

Advice: Avoid Kaplan. Make a schedule that keeps you on track. Reading anything one time is not gonna help you memorize. Review your stuff. Give as many Practice test as possible. Minimum give 7 Achiever, 2009 ADA, 1 Kaplan, 3 Top Score. I know it sounds too much but every practice test out there is good in one section but lacks in other sections. Always start your practice tests with hardest tests then do 2009 ADA like 3-4 days before. 

Question that I want to ask:
How good is the score? Is 19 in PAT gonna raise some eyebrows? I am probably applying to UPENN, Temple and other Northeastern colleges. Any chance in UPenn? I know Temple is gonna welcome me. UPenn declines then I am probably going to Temple.

Let me know if you have any questions. I would add stuff like practice score if you guys ask for it.

Thanks: SDN community is the best community. If I didn’t got involved and read pretty much every post here, I would probably never get more than 18-19. I used all the materials suggested by you guys. Special thanks to guy that posted Bio notes here. You sir are the best. If you guys want his notes than just let me know. Also let me know if you know his user Id so I can give proper credit.
Edit: Bio notes are posted by scsc7211. He also posted original thread in the comments. If you use his notes then please thank him. 
Spring Classes starts tomorrow!! Remember: Test is evolving.

EDIT: I just added Bio notes that I primarily used. Do not use this as a shortcut thinking that you would get 20+ if you just memorize this. If you don’t understand anyword or concept then refer to campbell or wikipedia. 

Here is the link:…hpPoxtKMn/edit

Let me know if this does or doesn’t work.

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