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2013 DAT Breakdown – 22/22/19 by patricklin27

This forum is pretty useful and without this forum, some of my questions i had would not been answered and im pretty sure i would of gotten a lower score. so thanks. 

PAT: 19
QR: 21
RC: 23
BIO: 20
GC: 22
OC: 24
TS: 22
AA: 22 

PAT: Achiever, CDP

I was never good with PAT as last time I took the test I got a 16. I got Achiever and it helped me prepare for the real thing. Achiever is a lot harder than the real thing but it definitely prepares you for the better. CDP is not a good representation of Keyhole, Pattern Folding, and Keyhole. 

QR: Math Destroyer, DAT Bootcamp

Everything is pretty straightfoward if you go through Math Destroyer and memorize all the equations. Bootcamp was helpful for some problems as well but it was a little redundant as the real DAT had a wide variety of problems.

RC: Nothing

I literally didn’t do anything for this section. Not sure how I got such a high score in this section.

GC: Bootcamp, Destroyer

Destroyer and Bootcamp combined is in my opinion the best. DATQVault Chem kinda sucked. Just make sure you do both Bootcamp and Destroyer and you’ll be good.

OC: Bootcamp, Destroyer

Bootcamp is a little harder than the real test but the more exposure you get with O-Chem, the better. Destroyer was an overkill as well but it let me get a couple questions right (like Claisen Condensation and other random reactions in the book). Both are great resources

Bio: Bootcamp, Destroyer, Cliffs AP Bio, DATQVault

I spent the most time on this section and yet this was my worst science section. honestly you are not going to cover all the topics they cover on the dat so just make you study as much as you can. People tell you to study breadth over depth but I dont think that is the right mentality cause the DAT tests you on specific concepts, not broad concepts (like what do zymnogens do?). Make sure you know your systems in and out and every kind of ecology concept, etc. This section has to do with a lot of luck as well. Destroyer was the least useful. Bootcamp was awesome. CLiffs AP Bio is necessary. DATQVault is mediocre. 

Thoughts: Just listen to French Montana- Aint Worry About Nothin on the way to the test center and you will do fine. And also Jay-Z’s Magna Carta album. I studied for about 7-8 hours the past month.. and basically crammed everything I learned in the last month the last week and a half.

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