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2013 DAT Breakdown – 22/22/20 by Kohawk1

As a lurker of SDN, I figured it was time to contribute a little since I’ve gained so much from reading these boards. I took the DAT today and was thoroughly surprised from the results.

BIO- 21
GC- 21
OC- 24
PAT- 20
RC- 25
QR- 17
AA:22 (96%)

Materials: Cliff’s for bio, Chad’s videos for chem and ochem, the free qvault practice tests, Top Score, and Crack DAT PAT. 

Bio: I thought this was the toughest of the sciences. I am a bio major and I have a pretty strong background but like everyone says, there are some super random questions. Fairly similar to Topscore Bio and the 2009 ADA practice exam Bio.

Chem: Chad all the way. I took a lot of notes from his videos, did his quizes, and kept reading the notes. He just made it click for me.

OC: same for GC. Chad was super helpful. OC was my weakest science coming in so I put extra effort into studying it. If you memorize the trends and exceptions that Chad shows you O-chem is really not that hard. 

PAT: Keyholes and hole punch were harder that CDP. Keyholes had a lot of very complex and irregular figures while the hole punch had a lot of weird folds. Made me nervous since hole punch was my strongest PAT section. (Note: the prometric center I went to did not let you set up your hole punch grids during the tutorial so just heads up.) Angles sucked like they always do but I thought cube counting was really easy. CDP has much harder cubes. Pattern folding was harder than CDP, but not too much harder. 

RC: two of the topics were things I knew about so that made it easy. Third was pretty dense but I had a good bit of time to work through it. I did my method of reading the first question and then starting the passage and if you run into the question you answer it, look at the next question and keep going. I normally do that for about half the passage and then I just search and destroy. I felt like it made it easier since you really only had to S&D the second half. 

QR: Im lucky just to have gotten that 17 lol. I totally put it off until the last second since I was so freaked out about the sciences. Got a 13 on the ADA 2009 test two days before the real thing :eek:

Taking the 2009 ADA test a few days before gave me some (not a lot) of confidence. They were the best scores I had seen in my practice tests, Im just happy I improved even more!

My ADA 2009 DAT scores were: BIO 20, GC, 19, OC 18, PAT 21, RC 20, and QR 13

would love to answer any questions if you guys have em! thanks for all of the great info you guys put on here!

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