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2013 DAT Breakdown – 22/22/21 by hiyesthomas

PAT 21 (83.1)
QR 19 (83.5)
RC 25 (97.2)
Bio 21 (91.8)
GC 21 (83.6)
OC 25 (96.6)
TS 22 (94.8)
AA 22 (95.7)

Pretty happy with my scores, they are all over the place..
I just needed a minimum of 18 for the program im in to matriculate into d school but i was real surprised I got a overall 22 because I was hitting 18/19 the day before on Topscore. 

I purchased a whole bunch of stuff: Kaplan, Achiever, Topscore, CrackDAT, barrons, cliff, destroyer, orgoman, and math destroyer. 
I didnt touch barrons, orgoman, math destroyer (probably why my math was pretty low). Kaplan, except for some tricks I learned for PAT, was absolutely useless. Achiever was useless except for giving me enough stress to make me study. 

Destroyer for bio/gc/orgo was the most useful. I probably wouldn’t have done as well without it. I went through bio maybe 3 times, gc 2 times, and orgo once. Going through the problems really helps you know where you are sucking. 

Orgo, I was scoring 17s/18s so I said screw it, Ill stick to the basics. I just memorized the difference between SN1/SN2… this was probably the most helpful and then got down ortho/para/meta.

Reading I did a lot of tests, mostly crackdat. Those ones really helped. reading books actually help too. 

for PAT, I started doing origami because I figure it could help… and it sorta did. I usually scored higher on crackdat pat 22-23. 

I hate math so I figured you can get almost 50 percent of the questions wrong and still get an 18 so once I knew I got roughly 22/23 questions right, I started guessing everything else. 

My study method was a little extreme. First two weeks, I took it easy, read through cliff notes, solved a few problems in destroyer here and there. Last three weeks, I locked myself in my room for about 3 weeks.. got up at 8:30am and study until lunch, take an hour break, study until 6, break until 7:30pm, study until 12:30-1:00am and read a book, go to bed. Repeat for 3 weeks. 

During these three weeks, I memorized cliff notes, went through destroyer problems, solved about 7 practice tests (2007, 2009, top score 1,2,3, crack dat) and then took the test on the 26th.

I gotta say, I was really surprised because as ive said, I scored around 18/19 on topscore test 3 and I was like damn… Im screwed. Also during the exam, everything but the science section, was impossible. anyways, not a fun experience, but definitely worth it, now time to apply and wait for my official acceptance letter. 

summary: PAT – crackdatpat, Sciences – Destroyer + cliffnotes + sn1 vs sn2 + ortho/para/meta + reading – books/practice tests + math – 20+ questions correct for 18 (i could be wrong about this)

if any of you guys have any questions, lemme know, Ill try to answer them, because this is kind of a ****ty breakdown lol…

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