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2013 DAT Breakdown – 22/23/19 by ziafaizipro

BIO- 25 I had three questions on non-human systems:mad: 
CHEM- 23
Pat- 19

AA- 22
Tot Science- 23:)

Gpa 3.72
Science- 3.52

“Study Resources”

Kaplan– ONLY WORTH IT IF YOU PUT THE TIME IN and yes it’s very time consuming. Don’t expect to be studying anything else while doing kaplan. The practice tests are much more difficult than the real thing and overall if you put the time in and do every test and workshop, you will get a good score. The PAT section was way too easy and the sciences and math were a bit harder than the real thing. The reading is not accurate because you get questions abut hard facts in Kaplan, but on the real DAT the majority of the questions required critical thinking and thus were more time consuming. The Kaplan Blue Book basically covers 90% of everything you will see on test day as far as the sciences go. The notecards were too simply and useless for me. The live classes were good to get the basics down, but you have to do the workshops to find the details you need for test day.

My avearges on all six practice Kaplan tests
Bio- 19
Chem- 17
Ochem- 17
Math – 17
Reading- 20
PAT- 19

Chads Videos– Hands down the best resource for Gen Chem. If you are a visual learner and don’t like to stare at your textbook for ten hours a day, Chads videos are it for you. The videos are fun to watch, very informative, and the Quizzes help you target your weak spots. I personally would have payed $1200 for Chads instead of Kaplan, that’s how much i enjoyed it. The Ochem section was also very good but everything you need for OChem is covered in 100 pages in the Kaplan blue book. The math was also exceptional with plenty of tips that will save you precious time on the DAT. I didn’t watch the BIO videos. I went through the videos three times over two months and did the quizzes over and over till i didn’t miss any questions. 

DAT Destroyer- Don’t let this book frustrate you. Just keep practicing everyday. Don’t do more than 30 bio 20 chem 20 ochem questions a day or else you will forget everything you learned in that day. It’s also been said a thousand times, but spend time understanding each question and answer. Kaplan and Chads will get you a 20 but destroyer will put you in the 20+.

Crack DAT PAT- The best resource for PAT in my opinion. If you don’t do either Crack DAT or Achiever for PAT, you will be crying during test day. There’s all kinds of weird stuff you’ll see on test day and it’s all covered in Crack DAT. I ran out of time on the PAT section which is why i got a 19 but I’m still happy with it.

AP BIO- If you know this book in and out, you WILL get a 20+ on the bio. Everything from my DAT was covered in AP Bio. I finished the book every two weeks for two months. I was scoring the 90th percentile consistently on practice test because of this book. Combine this with Kaplan Blue Book and your golden. 

Overall I studied form March to the end of June. I put in roughly 650-750 hours:sleep:. I studied 7 days a week for about ten hours a day in the month of June alone. Not everyone needs to do this obviously. I just realized that with a below average science GPA I had to put in more time than other applicants so I went all out.

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