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2013 DAT Breakdown – 22/23/20 by damnitssammm

Studied for 9 weeks and im finally done.

PS: 20 (81.0)
QR: 21 (97.6)
RC: 21 (88.9)
BIO: 22 (97.6)
GC: 22 (95.2)
OC: 24 (97.9)
TS: 23 (99.3)
AA: 22 (98.9)


Cliffs, KBB, Bootcamp, Destroyer

Had 3-4 taxonomy questions, no plants, and there were a few questions that were word for word from Bootcamp and Destroyer. 90% of the bio was covered in Cliffs, KBB, and Bootcamp. I spent the first 2 weeks writing notes for Cliffs and KBB(120 pgs each) Then spent the next 7 weeks studying them. I did not just read over the notes but spent about 2-3 hours every morning trying to memorize and understand each chapter. My brain was EXHAUSTED after studying bio and is why i studied bio before i did anything else.


Chad’s, Destroyer, Bootcamp

Had about 10 calculation questions and 20 conceptual. Everything you will need to know will be in Chad’s. The DAT is nowhere near as hard as Destroyer but after going through Destroyer 3x, everything else just seemed way easier. Bootcamp was extremely similar to the real test in terms of difficulty, and used it to work on my weaknesses. I spent the first four weeks writing down literally everything Chad said so I wouldn’t need to go through his videos again. I went through the notes and his quizzes everyday leading up to my exam. I also made a sheet of solubility rules, strong acids/bases, formulas, and conversions and studied those.

i also recommend you do the quizzes before studying the notes so your not getting everything right b/c its fresh in your head


Chad’s, Destroyer, Bootcamp

Had alot of SN1/SN2/E1/E2 stuff, simple reagents, etc etc. Once again, everything you will need to know will be in Chad’s. Did the same thing I did with OC that i did with GC. Took detailed notes, studied and quizzes everyday. Also went through Destroyer 3x and memorized most of the roadmaps and lab techniques


Math Destroyer, Bootcamp

Go through Math destroyer as much as you can. It is probably a little more difficult than the real DAT, but 90% of what you see in there will be on the DAT except with different numbers. I went through it 1.5x and memorized most of the formulas on the front sheets. Bootcamp was alot more difficult than the real test in my opinion


Bootcamp, KBB

Had a couple tone and inference questions, not as much S/D type questions. Had alot of questions where they would try to trick you if you S/D. They would put keywords in the beginning of the passage then kind of contradict it later in the passage. I was never comfortable using straight S/D anyway so i didn’t mind it. The strategy i used was to number the paper they give you from 1-50. I would write down keywords from each question and as i read, NOT skimmed, through the passages, answer the questions. I guess its really similar to S/D but i actually understood all the passages after i read them. I write down the keywords b/c if i didn’t, i would just keep repeating the word in my head, and as i was reading, keep forgetting what i read. 


CDP, Bootcamp

Keyholes on the real test were harder than those on CDP. Bootcamp has like 200 questions just on keyholes. I went through those as much as i can

TFE were similar to CDP

Angles were much easier than CDP. If you master CDP, you will be fine

Cube Counting was a joke

Pattern folding were also similar to CDP
use this strategy:

PAT just takes practice. I guess im not the best person to take advice on this section though

Overall, i spent the first 4.5 weeks reviewing and the next 4.5 weeks taking practice exams, doing destroyer, and restudying the materials. Practice exams really show you your weaknesses and you should really spend time to make sure you work on them. The DAT is definitely a doable test, and you can score high through hardwork and dedication. I never in a million years thought I could get a 22 but i literally sacrificed my summer. 

Feel free to ask me any questions

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