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2013 DAT Breakdown – 22/23/21 by jaro

I just wanted to give a comparison and how I studied and hopefully it helps others. 

PAT 21
QR 18
RC 22
Bio 22
GChem 25
Orgo 23
TS 23
AA 22

I am happy with my scores but def could have done a little bit better. Couldnt figure out if concave was up or down..argh. Along with a couple bio questions that I know I narrowed down to 2 choices and picked the wrong one. And lastly, in orgo, I know one question that asked about delocalized electrons and I picked the wrong one. Easy mistakes that I knew but under the time constraint/pressure made the wrong decisions. C’est la vie.

I am happy about my RC the most. I was super worried about that section given I was scoring 17s on CDR. I got lucky on the exam and just did S and D. Also, I got an 800 in math on the SATs so wasnt too worried about the QR section but that goes to show you, take every section seriously. I was avg qvault math 24 so dont solely on qvault for math as it really wasnt representative of QR. There was a lot more trig than I had anticipated. 

Throughout my studying, I would practice a PAT test every once in a while with CDP. I averaged 21. I also went through Math Destroyer once early on in my studying. That was a mistake as I should have done them one more time withing the last couple of weeks. 

So this is how I studied for the sciences;

Part 1 Cram;
Went through Cliffs AP along with the Qs at the end of Each chapter and diagnostic tests.
Went through each section of destroyer.
Went through Chads along with taking notes on everything he wrote on the BB in conjunction with his quizzes. 
KBB bio section only. Focused on the endocrine section and eyes/ears.

I did this twice through. 

Part 2 tests;
With one month from the test I started doing TS and Dat Qvault to find my weak points and learn what I was missing.

Avg for bio in qvault was 19
Avg for GChem in qvault was 21
Avg for Orgo in qvault was 21
Avg ts for TopScore test 1 was 19
Avd ts for TopScore test 2 was 19
Avg ts for TopScore test 3 was 20
2007 ada 20 ts

review everything i got wrong and why. 

Part 3 Comprehensive review;

with one week before the test, I did a very comprehensive review of everything. I did all of Part 1 cramming again minus the videos of chad. I just took his quizzes and read my notes from his videos. I also browsed through all the questions on the qvault and TS tests. 

The test was much easier than anything I studied with which is good. Thats how it should be. A little about myself. I am a non trad student. I am in my early 30s and changing careers from finance. I did my undergrad at Upenn and and currently live in Philly. I hope to stay in Philly at Upenn or Temple. Keeping fingers crossed.

Feel Free to ask any questions. 

Also, if someone could guide me to where I could find information regarding how to fill out the application, it would be greatly appreciated. Regarding the formatting of the volunteer work etc. Should it be in sentence form and that kind of stuff. What should be considered professional looking etc. 

Lastly, good luck to everyone taking the test. Its annoying but you get back what you put in.

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