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2013 DAT Breakdown – 22/23/21 by Nickthegreek

Bio-22 I used ferralis notes from bootcamp + quizzes, barron’s book on E-Z anatomy and physiology… A really good book for physio goes in depth, chad’s bio quizzes. And lectures on youtube from UCBerekely bio

gen chem:25 chads videos/quizzes, my textbook/notes from undergrad, bootcamp

Orgo:25 same as above

PAT: 21 TFE blow the big one! Dont plan on using the line counting method. It worked for maybe one or two questions but thats about it. The rest just practice, practice practice!!!!!!. Did crack pat

RC:20 time management is the key here. I freaked out towards the end because i was running out of time

QR: 18 my worst score :/ the fact that this section is last makes it tough. My problem was i had a ton of applied math problems and setting them up took alot of time. I used math destroyer. I was getting really good scores on math destroyer but i caved in on test day. 

22 happy with my score. Only part i wasnt happy with was math but ill take it!

My background: 

I’m 33 and have been a pharmacist for 8 years and am looking to change careers. Its been a while since I took alot of this (around 13 years) so i had reteach myself some of it. All in all it took me 9 months of studying 6-7 hours 3-4 times a week. I ramped the studying up the last three weeks though to everyday about ten hours a day or until my brain was fried lol.

Test advice: 

sleep!!!!! I was so amped up i only got two hours of sleep so if you can, get alot of rest.

Read every word carefully. I caught myself not paying attention to the question wording, especially in bio… Ex. Everything in the following is false except. Those kinds of questions.

If you take too long on a question, guess as best you can, mark it and go on. If you have time at the end then go back, otherwise forget it

Practice under test taking conditions as much as possible. It is draining but will pay off

Bring a snack and take every break you can. Dont go into a section mentally/ physically fatigued

I had about 30 min left at the end of the sciences. During that time i made a PAT board with 15 tic tac toes, and set up any other notes i would need for later sections. They do not let you take

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