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2013 DAT Breakdown – 22/23/22 by BMEEngineer

Breakdown 5/4/13

Thank you everyone for your help with my frequent questions on here! I hope to contribute to the community in any way possible to return the favor. I realize that these scores aren’t ground-breaking by SDN standards, but I am personally very pleased given my mediocre practice materials scores. I was prepared for the worst, and was very excited when I didn’t have any outlier scores below the accepted average for students.

PAT 22 93.4%
QR 20 94%
RC 24 94%
Bio: 22 95.9%
GC: 22 91.8%
OC 24 95.7%
TS: 23 97.8%
AA: 22 97%

My background: non-trad applicant 2 years out of school with Engineering degree working in biotech.

Study schedule: Since I work full time, I’ve been studying about 3-4 hours every weeknight and about 10-15 hours every weekend (more these last few weeks) since early February. 

PAT: CDP 10 test version (19,17,18,18,22,20,21,21,21,21). Keyholes were much harder than CDP, particularly because the shapes were more “organic” and not as many hard angles and points. I didn’t find TFE to be much harder than CDP. I felt angles were much more straight forward. Some 1/3 folds on the hole punches, but I didn’t have any problems using the line of symmetry method ( Fewer cubes to count and no hidden cubes for cube counting. Pattern folding was slightly harder for me than CDP. I was worried about picture quality after taking the 2007 exam and reading a few other posts around here with complaints about quality, and everything seemed alright to me except for hole punching, where some of the hole sizes seemed smaller and out of proportion. 

QR: I used Chad’s videos and Destroyer Math section to study, and made Anki flashcards for key formulas and problems I didn’t know how to solve. When I first started studying for the DAT, this was my best section with a score of 24 on the 2007 exam. I think focusing on everything else took it down a notch for me. As someone with over 2 years of college level math classes (calc and dif. eq), I find it unfortunate that I wasn’t able to do better here, but going through Destroyer math and maybe finding another resource for “story problem” type questions would have benefited me. Brushing up on probability (not just combinations and permutations) would have also helped me. DAT Bootcamp’s QR exams were helpful for practicing my timing. The calculator was frustrating as it had a lag time when trying to click in 0’s for example. 

RC: I didn’t use anything to practice this, and I was frankly very worried about this section. My score on the 2007 exam was a 17. The passages were 14 paragraphs in length and all health related topics so they were interesting. I took a hybrid approach by reading the passages quickly while writing down key words, dates, and conclusions. Then, I referenced the paragraphs again for the questions. 

Bio: I read Cliffs AP Biology 3rd edition once and used scsc7211’s Version of Alan’s DAT Biology Notes to make Anki flashcards for concepts that I didn’t already have solid. Those two sources and practicing with Destroyer, Chad’s quizzes, and DAT bootcamp also helped with some exposure to “random” facts. I didn’t think the questions were that random on the test, but clearly I did get some wrong. 

GC: Chad’s videos and quizzes were perfect to help me review concepts that I learned about 6 years ago. Again, I used Anki flashcards to solidify the concepts. Destroyer was great for calculation questions, which comprised a significant proportion. DAT bootcamp and DAT question of the day were also very helpful. 

OC: Again, Chad’s videos and quizzes, Destroyer, Anki flashcards, and DAT bootcamp all helped here. 

With the flashcards, I created them as I was reviewing the material and I set the program to present 20 new cards per category every day with a max of 100 review cards per category per day. The spaced repetition allowed me to rate when I wanted to see the cards again. I had over 1700 cards in the end, and I reviewed them during my lunch breaks at work and every night. It did take hours and hours to do all this review, but when the questions came on the test, I knew the formula/concept within a second and the material if really stuck in my long-term memory now. I will definitely be using this program throughout my studies if I am fortunate enough to be accepted to dental school!

My GPA was a 3.62 and sci. GPA is probably somewhere around a 3.5 if most of my engineering classes count as science.

I’m selling my study materials in the classified section if anyone is still in need of them.

Thanks again for your contributions to this community and let me know if you have any questions.

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