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2013 DAT Breakdown – 22/23/24 by BigCountry

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Materials used: DAT Destroyer, Math Destroyer, Crack DAT PAT, reading, and math.
To firm up some bio concepts, I looked at a Cliff’s AP bio book and watched some video’s online.

Breakdown: The DAT Destroyer is the way to go for studying the sciences. There were a ton of questions on the DAT that were pretty much straight out of the Destroyer, the book basically gives you what might have been a hard problem into a freebie. Going through the book also provided me with a solid knowledge base on all the subjects, I felt really prepared when taking the test. 
I went through the book too many times to count and made sure I knew and understood every problem. I’m not saying this is a golden ticket to a high score, you will definitely need to put in serious work, but the book provides guidance on what to know and to what extent. 
The bio section is full of pretty much every fact you will be tested on, on the exam. I looked at an AP cliffs bio book to review the cell cycle, immune system, and female reproductive system, and looked at videos online of muscle contraction and a couple of other random things. There were a few bio questions on the exam that were not straight forward and required you to think of the big picture and what was going on, but overall the Destroyer was key. It was also very helpful for the g-chem and orgo sections, a lot of the problems were similar I felt. I didn’t really get any hard orgo reactions on my exam but the Destroyer has some nice road maps that covers everything you would need to know. One last thing about the Destroyer is that it’s reliable and doesn’t have any errors in it like a lot of the other books. 
For the PAT I used crack DAT PAT which you can buy online. My friend showed me how to do the exam so I didn’t use any of the tutorials, but the tests were great practice. On the real exam I thought keyholes and pattern folding were a lot harder while cube counting, hole punching, and angle ranking were all easier. TFE was about the same. 
Crack DAT Reading was very useful in preparing for the RC section. I took all 10 tests once and only timed myself the last 4. The actual exam was easier, a lot of the questions were straight forward and weren’t those annoying tone or inference questions. 
For math I used the Math Destroyer and Crack DAT Math. I felt like more of the question on the exam were similar to crack DAT Math but both were helpful. CDM is helpful to get down your timing in particular. There are 14 tests in the Math Destroyer and I probably did about 7 or 8 of them while taking about 13 tests on CDM. I wasn’t that good on word problems so I made sure I knew my trig functions, geometry, and calculations. The Math Destroyer is way harder than the actual math section on the DAT so it’s not so useful to use each test as a practice test, but it teaches you a lot of different concepts and a few problems on my exam I knew from the Destroyer and not from CDM. CDM I thought was also a little harder than the actual DAT but there were a lot of similar problems, overall I’d recommend both. Also, my practice test scores on all the CD programs were similar to the actual exam.
In Conclusion, get the DAT and Math Destroyer, get the Crack DAT programs, and get to work. I didn’t use qvault or the CD sciences or any of that stuff, I would definitely stick to the DAT Destroyer for the sciences.

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