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2013 DAT Breakdown – 22/24/20 by numberonephan

 My DAT Breakdown

Hey everyone!

After studying around five hours a day for the past three weeks and missing out on everything this winter break I can finally say that IT WAS ALL WORTH IT. I could not have done it without all the great information posted on this website. So…because I have read what feels like hundreds of these breakdowns I decided why not post my own.

My Scores
PAT 20 (81.0)
QR 19 (92.9)
RC 20 (78.5)
Bio 26 (99.8) 
GC 22 (95.2)
OC 25 (98.4)

TS 24 (99.7)
AA 22 (98.9)

PAT: I was worried about this section going into the test. I read that CDP was usually a good indicator of your score however I honestly never scored above an 18 on the software. Hole punch, angles, TFE and cubes were very straightforward on the real DAT. Look up the tic tac toe method for holepunch and the tally for cube counting if you have time. Sooo helpful. Keyholes and pattern folding were definitely tougher but nothing too insane. I also did the practice test in Barron’s book which I scored a 19 on and the ADA 2009 which I got a 20.

QR: Very tired by this point. I had done a few QVault practice tests the week before my actual test and was scoring around 22 so I was a bit disappointed with this score. However I did feel that QVault had a good variety of questions that were similar to the actual test. I ran out of time so be sure to pace yourself here. Definitely study conversions and trig if you are rusty!

RC: The passages were fairly interesting. All three of mine had to do with biology so at least I wasn’t falling asleep. I usually scored around a 20 on CDR so that should be a good indicator of how you will do. Also I was definitely surprised at how many inference and tone questions there were. Since I am a slow reader I mostly skimmed the passages which made it hard for me to figure out questions that were more abstract.

Now the fun part…science!!!

Bio: I seriously cannot believe my score. I did all of the bio tests on QVault and was averaging a 22. The charts on QVault are very very helpful. You should definitely try and memorize them. I also used Kaplan to do my initial overview and then realized that the book is seriously lacking in the bio section so I broke out my Campbell’s Biology textbook from my freshmen year. I probably devoted five whole days to just bio out of my 3 weeks of studying. It is difficult because I didn’t remember much about plants or ecology. Definitely try and skim Campbell’s if you have it around.

GC: Always my lowest score of the sciences. All I can say is Chad’s videos. I watched them all the week before my test. Also do his quizzes because they are pretty similar to the real DAT. I did the QVault for GC too but I did not complete all ten, I was averaging a 21. For GC I feel like it is all about practice so try and get your hands on as many questions as you can.

OC: My favorite by far. I did the QVault quizzes and was averaging about a 23. I started my review by reading Kaplan and then moved on to Chad. Again, Chad’s videos were super helpful since I hadn’t taken OC in two years. Great to refresh your memory or even learn stuff that you never did. On the real DAT the questions were very basic for this section no crazy reagents or mechanisms. However there was a couple lab like questions which I was unsure of because I definitely zoned out during that Chad video.

Some final notes…

I want to tell everyone that you CANNOT get down on yourself. My first week of studying I cried almost every night because I was convinced this was going to be impossible. It’s not. Just take things one day at a time and make a schedule so you know what you are going to study and when. I suggest writing it down so you don’t accidentally neglect a section.

A couple days before my test I got an 18 TS on Crack Dat Science and was so disappointed. Do not let practice tests get to you. THEY ARE PRACTICE! (I found CDS to be completely ridiculous btw, never scored above a 19)

Also, you don’t need to study months for this test. Admittedly, if you are taking classes or working then spreading it out may be helpful but instead I did nothing but DAT for three weeks straight. Just make sure that you are studying EFFICIENTLY and you will be fine. Good luck everyone and thanks for your help!!

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