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2013 DAT Breakdown – 23/22/20 by zhaozilong

PAT: 20 (73.8)
Quantitative reasoning: 22 (96.4)
Reading comp: 26 (98.8)
Biology: 20 (86.5)
General Chemistry: 24 (96.4)
Organic Chemistry 23 (93.4
Total Science: 22 (94.8)
Academic Average: 23 (98.1)

Materials used:

DAT destroyer: DAT destroyer was really useful. esp. for ochem and chem. For ochem and chem it was overkill but I think all the preparation and hard problems really prepared me for the tougher questions. When an exam is scored like the DAT is, the higher you go, the more crucial those few hardest questions are. DAT destroyer bio was good, but it definitely wasn’t as good as chem and ochem. I would have to say that it definitely prepares you for a lot of different tough questions, but the scope of the bio section is too broad and you need to cover your weak areas well. I’m just going to say that I thought I knew what my weak areas were, but even a couple days before the exam i was starting to realize that i had more weak areas than i thought. i wish that before starting to study I had taken my old campbell biology book and just sat down and read all the chapters that i was fuzzy on or that i had never looked at in high school/college. I went through the DAT destroyer twice and then the night before and the morning of the exam i just looked at all the questions that I had previously gotten wrong. that helped a ton.

Crack the DAT PAT and Math: Math i only ended up doing two of the 10 practice exams. I got a 28 on the first one and a 24 on the second. at that point i figured that there wasn’t any point in studying for math anymore so i just focused on destroyer and PAT. One thing that i would say about math tho is that I have a really good algebraic background and if you do a lot of the algebraic gen chem problems that college students do, you’ll get really good at mashing formulas together and solving problems just by using shortcuts instead of actually having to work them out. Crack the DAT PAT was really good.

a really old kaplan practice test that i found: i thought it was kinda useful b/c it made me realize early on that i needed to study a lot more and it showed me a lot of different areas where i needed to brush up on my knowledge because i was getting basic questions wrong.

General thoughts:
Reading wasn’t too bad. I used a strategy where I went through question by question half reading half scanning. For my strategy, it helps to practice so you can get to the point where you can take a specific word from the question and just look at paragraphs like you would a picture and see if you can find it. kind of like a where’s wally game, but with words. don’t think of the paragraph as being a paragraph and maybe your brain can automatically recognize whatever word you’re looking for, or at least that’s how my brain works. DEFINITELY SPEND SOME TIME DOING THOSE CHEMISTRY CALCULATION PROBLEMS! they’ll help you with chemistry and math at the same time.

Good luck to everyone who’s studying for the DAT. Just study hard and hope for the best.

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