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2013 DAT Breakdown – 23/23/22 by stumblebee

What’s good homies and homettes,

I just got back from Prometric and would like to share my testing experience with you guys.

PAT 22 (90.9%)
QR 20 (88.3%)
RC 22 (85.9%):thumbdown:
BIO 27 (97.5%) :hardy:
GC 22 (89.2%)
OC 22 (88.7%)

TS 23 (97.5%)
AA 23 (98.1%)

I studied for 3 months and really went into high gear during the last 3 weeks. Chemistry is not my strength but with Chad’s videos and Destroyer I managed do alright. Biology was random, but with sufficient exposure to Qvault and Bootcamp questions you can figure out what parts need to be reviewed more.

Materials used:

Crack DAT PAT – great at getting the hang of this section of the test and practicing your timing

Achiever 5 test – test 4 and 5 were too difficult to be of any use to me.

DAT Bootcamp – you get alot for what you pay for. the explanations for the questions are very thorough

Qvault Bio – great resource for drilling biology and finding out the little points you may miss on the real test. I retook all 10 the day before my test just to relieve some anxiety

Chad’s – Must have. He cover’s everything you need to know, I just didn’t absorb enough of the chemistry lol…

Cliff’s AP Bio- definitely read this book cover to cover

Feralis Notes – used these notes to supplement Cliff’s, especially physiology and anatomy. 

Destroyer – I went through this book twice. On the second round I still missed plenty of questions.

Math Destroyer – Pretty difficult. If I had taken the time to learn how to approach each question it would have definitely helped me out on the DAT.

Overall I am pleased with my scores and can finally enjoy the last few weeks of summer while applying to schools. I have a 3.0 sGPA and oGPA, with upward trend. I hope the DAT is enough to get past the initial application filters.

Believe in yourself, blast music on your way to the testing center, and stay positive :cool:

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