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2013 DAT Breakdown – 23/23/26 by DentHoppin

I’d like to thank my mother, my dog, and taco bell’s cheesy potato burrito. Oh and all the posters before me who came back and shared their advice.

Without further ado,

PAT: 26 
QR: 20
RC: 21
RC: 21
BIO: 20
GC: 25
OC: 29
TS: 23
AA: 23

I’ll keep this short, if you want a novel read the other breakdowns.

The Kaplan book- meh, read it once…. Would read it again… Good for a review, but be careful this can be a major time drain.

Crack the DAT- absolutely the best for the PAT, if you don’t have it, stop now, get it, then continue on

Organic chemistry the stuff that counts- absolutely the best for OC, it’s super quick to get through and concise, but literally every question from the test was in it

DAT destroyer- best source of math and biology questions- if you are comfy with the math in this you will do awesome on math in dat

Good luck! And seriously thanks to the community, I’ve been reading on here for awhile!

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