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2013 DAT Breakdown – 24/22/22 by sunny342

I have been lurking SDN for so long but today I finally have something to contribute to the community. So here is my breakdown for the DAT.

PAT: 22
QR: 22
RC: 24
BIO:19 :D
GC: 25
TS: 22
AA: 24

Impression of the test before getting scores: 
BIO: I thought the bio was random. There were at least 3 question I had no idea on. Overall I felt I would get a 17 on this judging from the Topscore exams I took.
GC/OG: I knew everything. My only worry was if I made any careless mistakes.
PAT: It was harder than I was used to with Crack that Pat but for the most part easy.
RC: Neutral about this section. Felt it was on par with the RC from Topscore.
QR: Easy for the most part except I guessed on one (I didn’t know what variance was :oops:)

PAT (22): All I used for this section was Crack the Pat (5 test edition). It was really useful but didn’t have complex enough hole punching questions in my opinion. I did the 5 tests spread out over the last 3 weeks I had to study. My scores were 18 (ran out of time), 22, 17 (wasn’t focusing), 22, 23. The angle section for me got worse and worse as I took each test. I ended up not caring to much about the angles and focused on perfecting my other sections. 

QR (22): I quickly watched chads videos for math skipping anything I already knew and noting down any time saving shortcuts. I had to learn some topics like probability but most of the other stuff I was comfortable with as I have been using math in my classes (engineering major). I did all of the math problems in the regular destroyer which was very helpful. Then the rest my practice came from Topscore. My scores on Topscore were 23, 22, 30. 

RC (24): All I did for this was do the Topscore exams. The RC in Topscore was almost identical in my opinion to the real thing. My Topscore results were 25, 22, 22. I don’t know how much reading scientific articles would have helped but I think the most important skill you need to have is the ability to skim for keywords quickly. I usually just read the first 3 questions and then started skimming the passage till I found something relevant to the questions. Then I would carefully read the paragraph where I found the keyword. Basically search and destroy.

GC (25): All you need is Chads video. I watched all of them, taking detailed notes, and did all the associated quizzes. The quiz questions are nothing like the actual DAT but they hammer home the individual concepts in the video. After my Chads subscription ended, I had my notes to refer to. I then did all of the GC Destroyer questions which presents all the problem types you will see on the real DAT. With Destroyer I did really bad when I started. I missed a lot of questions both in GC and OG but it doesn’t matter as long as you go over the solution and learn the reason you get the questions wrong. I initially would get discouraged as I did destroyer but I got better as I went along. Just push through destroyer. My Topscore results were 21, 21, 25.

OG (29): The reason I did well on this section I think was because I finished Organic I&II right before summer. I had all my notes from class which was really helpful and I mainly used these to study. I did go through Chads OG videos but felt they did not go through all the reactions and he skipped many of the mechanisms. I find it a lot easier to memorize a reaction if I have a general idea about its mechanism. I did all the destroyer problems but rushed through the last 150 questions. My Topscore results were 21, 19, 23.

BIO (19): This was the hardest section for me. I was ecstatic with a 19 because on Topscore got 16, 17, 17. The last time I was in a biology class was in high school so I should have studied harder and started sooner. I read cliff notes biology 1.5 times (didn’t finish rereading all of it). Everything in cliffs should be known. If you know that much well you should be able to do decently. I didn’t do destroyer for bio as I didn’t have time (I wish I did). 

Topscore (It is the only thing that simulates the format and time of the test)
Crack that Pat
Cliffs Bio
KBB (I found no need for it as other resources were better)

Hope this provided some useful information. :D 
Good Luck to anyone studying.

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