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2013 DAT Breakdown – 24/27/23 by Dark Blue

I just took my DAT today( first attempt) about 6 weeks of studying.

PAT 23
QR 23
RC 18 
BIO 26
GC 26
OC 29
TS 27 :thumbup:
AA 24

Materials I used:
KBB: First book I purchased and I was thinking maybe as they have stated at the beginning of their book that would be the only book I need for studying for science. But in real I needed other sources. It could have better simplified and informative pictures.

Definitely one of the best sources you can find. read every chapter word by word (except plant one) and took good notes.

Random videos over youtube:
Many of them are better than any book you find. especially Khan academy, Khan academy medicine and Armando Hasudungan,

Did the bio once and read every answer regardless if I did it wrong or right noted the mistakes did the wrong answered questions again a week before exam

I studied KBB and cliffs first (similar to Dental Works schedule but much more dense) and took real good notes and added my own notes and drawings from videos to it (around 100 pages but not dense.) and reviewed everything in my last 10 days.

Chem and Ochem:
I studied well for those when I was taking courses so I just reviewed them and did Destroyer 2 times. first time same method as bio Destroyer I mentioned.

PAT and QR:
I have a good perceptual ability since I worked in 3D designing industry for some years. so I did not study for that. 
my undergrad major was a math based one so same with that..just did Destroyer QR once.


What I did, I ended up reading three- four questions and read through passage until answer them, look at the time, freak out and keep reading and answering. 
You don’t want advise from me, English is a second language for me… not many years inothe US.

Over all Destroyer and Cliffs and the you-tube videos are the winners :)

I have a foreign degree and I am a postbac student. I am happy to help if you have any questions.

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