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2013 DAT Breakdown – 26/24/21 by tillerybass

PAT: 21
QR: 21
RC: 23
BIO: 24
GC: 25
OC: 29

AA: 24 
TS: 26

Resources: Cliffs, Barron’s, CDP, Destroyer, 2007 ADA

Spent the past 3 weeks studying after finals. About 6 intensive hours a day but closer to 8 the last week. 

On the real thing: 

Bio:: Isn’t too random. Cliffs clovers everything I saw. No odd facts and no plants (super lucky). The questions were sometimes worded oddly and took some second and third looks. Destroyer is your friend for practice. Use the answer sheet that has been going around and stick to doing that through a couple times. This is the first section and I was jittery from the coffee I just drank so I was marking every other answer and second guessing like crazy. I think it’s a good idea to go through the whole BIO section once you finish all the questions just to make sure you read everything right. 

OC/GC:: I’m a chemistry major at a school where “chem is king” and they really put you through the gauntlet. So I felt I didn’t need Chad and tried to save as much money as possible. If you have a strong chem background, Destroyer will do magic to cover all the holes and refresh topics. No calculations other than simple calorimetry type things. I would say Destroyer is a must for the Chem’s. 

PA:: Really hard in my opinion. The keyholes were way harder than CDP. There were lines all over the place. TFE, angles, punching were all representative of CDP. Cubes and pattern folding easier. I had a panic attack after keyhole because it took like 3 more minutes to get through it than normally. I would highly recommend CDP.

RC:: Going into it, was my biggest concern. I’m an incredibly slow reader and had no shot at S&D because I get too flustered if I can’t find an answer. So what I did was read the first question and then begin the passage. If I came across the answer I would go on to the next question and keep reading. Eventually the whole thing is read and then you just do what you can with the questions. Fortunately, I had a passage about pchem and I just took both semesters this past year and could answer half the questions without searching. It saved me big.

QR:: This is difficult purely because of the time constraint. I’m not fast at calculations so time was of the essence. I skipped word problems to make sure I nailed the easy stuff.

My advice: When you study, study HARD. Don’t just “study to study”. And if you have done well in undergrad, all the sciences should be a review. If you do need some refreshers, then make sure you put the time in and build a really good foundation before attempting Destroyer because it probably will seem overwhelming if you are just trying to memorize random formulas and trends,

Sorry if this is a little blunt. I’m doing it on my phone. If y’all are interested I’ll edit and do a more extensive breakdown. But right now I’m exhausted!!

Thank you SDN!!

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