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2013 DAT Breakdown – 25/30/22 by Slumber

Dearly Beloved, 
I would like to start this off by saying a GIANT BIG FAT THANK YOU to each and everyone of you (minus the occasional trolls). Truly, I couldn’t have done it without you guys ! I owe this forum a kidney and half of my liver, but since I’m a bum and I need my kidneys, (YES BOTH OF THEM!) so I start repaying with this breakdown. 

1: 22
2: 24
3: 24
4: 25
5: 24
6: 25
7: 23
8: 25
9: 23

Top Score
1—– 21 across 

Study Materials:
Chad’s Videos for GC, OC, and Math
Cliff’s AP Bio
Crack DAT
Top Score
DAT Destroyer 2012
Math Destroyer 2012
Kaplan Blue Book
Craig Savage Bio Videos
Khan Academy Algebra Videos
DAT Bootcamp – the free tests and the daily DAT questions.

Study Schedule:
I modified DentalWorks’ 8 Week Schedule to suit my personal need. And I studied 7-8 hrs each day/5days a week.

Weeks 1-3, Science reviews and looked over all of the different PAT techniques & the basic approaches to attacking each of the different PAT sections.

Weeks 4-5, First round of Destroyers! The worst two weeks of my life!? . I did my first two CDP and learned that I was terribly slow at Hole Punch and Cubes, so I stopped doing CDP and spent like a whole week attacking just these two sections. 

Week 6, Second round of the destroyers, I would work out every problem by hand and not look at the answer choices to prevent myself from memorizing the actual answers. More CDP and CDReading, with CDP and CDReading alternating every other day. 

Week 7, Third round of the destroyers (same as above). Starting doing Top Score, found a lot of errors in it. 

Week 8, Final week, 3.5 round of the destroyers? Focusing down only on the ones I’ve gotten wrong previously. And also went over all of my BIO/Chem notes, and silly stuffs like random equations for chem/math and some conversion factors. 

The Exam!

Bio: Except for a few random questions, Cliff’s got almost everything covered. To my surprise, there weren’t any botany questions on my DAT. My exam covered pretty much everything except botany. WARNING! Make sure you read each and every answer choices carefully, the wordings on my exam were extremely tricky, I had to read every answer choices twice, sometimes more to make sure. I’m a bio major, so this section was extremely easy for me.

GChem: A lot of people have said it, Chad! Chad! and more CHAD!!! Someone’s got to hand this man an award or something! Chad offers you the best reviews for the two chemistry sections. MAKE SURE TO WATCH THEM AND TAKE NOTES! DAT Destroyer is also invaluable when you’re studying for the two chemistry sections, the insane difficulty will prepare you for almost anything that the actual DAT can throw at you! I had a couple questions on my DAT that actually resembles the ones from the destroyer in terms of difficulty and complexity. 

OChem: Same as GChem, but the overall difficulty of this section on my DAT resembles Top Score quite a lot. My philosophy here is that if you do enough problems, you WILL know the reactions! So I didn’t actually study the road maps, I just did a lot of different problems from the destroyer, top scores, and even some Crack the Science(Don’t buy this, it’s garbage! ). 

I finished NSS with nearly 30minutes to spare, so I took an extra bathroom break. =P

PAT: My PAT section was so much harder than CDP!  Nonetheless, CDP is definitely the most important study/practice material currently available for this section. 
Keyhole: It was much harder than the CDP, there were a lot of “proportion” problems.
TFE and Angle: Both sections were on par with CDP.
Hole Punch Man this section was so awful! It had a lot of 1/3 folds and quadruple fold. Heck, I even had a quintuple fold! I spent on average of 5-7 minutes on this section on CDP, but I think I spent at least 15 minutes here on my DAT.
Cube: Easier than CDP.
Pattern Folding: On par with CDP. 

RC: English is not my first language, so I was very nervous about this section. I used SnD here. I think I got unlucky here because I had about 12 or 13 tone/inference questions. SnD just wasn’t any good at dealing with these question types. I was really pushing for time towards the end. 

QR: Math have always be my forte, I don’t want to bring out the Asian card but I am very good at Science and Math and what not. I did a ton of practice for this section using Destroyers, Crack the Math, and Top Score. My exam had 2 probability problems and maybe 3-4 rate problems, the rest of it were some ridiculous trigonometry/weird polynomials and square root problems. To sum it up, this section really caught me off guard. I did well on my practice exams and on the destroyers, but I messed up pretty bad on the DAT.

I only had 3 hours of sleep last night because because I was so excited! Yes you heard right! I was so hyped up with the anticipation of finally getting over this, I had trouble falling asleep even after I took 3 mg of melatonin. My exam was at 8am but I was not tire at all! I think I was running on adrenaline for the entire time! Summing it up, I’m really happy with my score. And I’m just so glad/happy to be able to put this behind me. I can finally go out, watch the NBA playoff, and get drunk!  I was quite upset for this past whole week because my Knicks won a playoff series for the first time in over a decade but I had to study while they were going at it!

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