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Advertise your products and services with AceDAT in a few simple steps:

1. Decide on the size and duration of your advertisement below.

2. Contact: For the subject line type “AceDAT advertisement”.

Attach the image you want included for the ad as a .jpeg file and include the URL you would like attached to your banner image.

3. A PayPal invoice will be sent.

4. Follow the directions on PayPal

5. The ad will be uploaded to as soon as payment and the required information are received. The your ad is uploaded marks the start of the duration of your advertisement.

 Pricing is as follows:

Sidebar ad (slightly bigger than a 125 x 125 square)
$10/ month

Front Page 250 x 250 square
$20 for 1 month
$55 for 3 months
$110 for 6 months
$200 for a year

Below are sizes of a 125×125 and 250×250 square.

Advertise on AceDAT 125x125

Advertise with AceDAT 250 x250

Advertise with AceDAT
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