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Happy 2015 – Update regarding Newsletter

 Just wanted to apologize to those that subscribed and never received a newsletter. Unfortunately the app I used to help manage and send out newsletters rendered this website vulnerable to hackers, so the site has not been accessible to some due to google marking as a "suspicious site". The site has been restored to a date before the spammy ads were added, and should not cause any alerts to go off by some browsers. School has kept me crazy busy so haven't had much time to update the site with content, but if you have any questions, please feel free to add a comment, or send a message on facebook. Cheers to a great 2015, Jon

Save your money with these Free DAT Biology Study Materials and Resources

Free DAT Biology Study Materials and Resources Buying study materials and practice test programs can get expensive! Below is a compilation of free resources you can use to study and prepare for the DAT Biology. FREE PDF of Cliff’s AP Biology 3rd Edition Free Cliffs AP Bio Notes by bangity Feralis Extrenums Biology Notes Kaplan Blue Book DAT Biology Notes by bangity Kaplan Blue Book Anki Notes compiled by bangity  FREE DAT Destroyer Biology Anki Notes compiled by bangity Cliffs AP Biology Anki Notes compiled by bangity Alan’s DAT Biology Notes edited by scsc7211 Khan Academy Biology

Prometric DAT Tutorial – What the DAT will be like

Prometric DAT Tutorial If you are anything like I was before taking the DAT, you probably want to know the exact format of the DAT so that you don't have to deal with the task of getting adjusted to the interface on test day and you can learn before hand how to most efficiently use the functions available to you during the test. This Prometric DAT tutorial will answer all your questions regarding this matter. You will take this tutorial on Test Day, however, similar to memorizing the directions for each section of the DAT, knowing the options and functions that will be at your disposal during the test and eliminating uncertainty will most definitely help you achieve your maximum scoring potential. The Prometric DAT Tutorial details everything from what the mouse will look like and how to scroll on the screen to the marking function, the review options at the end of each section, what the calculator will be like on the quantitative reasoning section and the user interface for each section.

Feralis DAT Biology Notes – A great free resource to study for DAT Biology

Feralis DAT Bio Notes - A Great Free Resource to study for DAT Biology Feralis DAT Bio Notes is a comprehensive collection of notes compiled by the Student Doctor Network member FeralisExtrenum. It is a very comprehensive collection of notes that has been used by many test takers who have scored very well in DAT Bio. As Mightymoose02 from the SDN DAT forums put it, the notes are "Basically an encyclopedia for DAT Biology." Feralis DAT Bio Notes were compiled from the bio sections of the Kaplan Blue Book, and Barron's, and Cliff's AP Bio 3rd edition. Very helpful linking was also added to these notes. As Feralis explained in one of his SDN posts, " If you click the link for those topics within the notes (hold down the Ctrl button if you are using MS Word), it will jump you to the related image at the end of the document. Holding Ctrl + clicking the image itself will jump you back to the spot you were at in the notes." The bolded red text in the notes is mostly for his own use to mark material that he needed to brush up on, but a lot of it is also new material he added to the first version. Below is a link to the second version of the notes. Click to download Feralis Extrenum's Biology Notes EDIT 7/23/15: As of late, the free PDF of Cliff's AP Bio is no longer available. If you would like to purchase it for a nominal fee, please click the below link. Purchase Cliff's AP Bio 3rd Edition Finally, if you would like to thank Feralis Extrenum for his hard work, click on his profile picture below and send him a message on SDN!

2014 DAT Breakdowns Compilation Started!

Below is a compilation of all DAT breakdowns from January of 2014.The list will be continually updated here. What is a DAT Breakdown? A DAT Breakdown is a holistic review of one’s entire “DAT Study Process” of how DAT Preparation Materials compared to the actual DAT. It is written after one has already taken the DAT. It usually details the person’s opinions and thoughts about how effective DAT Preparation Materials were in comparison to the actual DAT, how they studied for the DAT, and a little background about themselves. DAT Breakdowns are highly useful in that they can help determine which study materials suits you best, which study materials to avoid, and they provide useful insights so that you can avoid making the same mistakes that the author of the breakdown made. Below is a list of ALL  breakdowns written in 2013 (list will be continually compiled as more are written)! The scores are arranged from highest to lowest AA. The numbers corresponds to AA/TS/PAT respectively. So 25/24/29 corresponds to an Academic Average of 25, a Total Science Score of 24 and a PAT score of 29. 26/25/24 DAT Breakdown by Old_newbie 24/24/19 DAT Breakdown by ECDental 24/23/22 DAT Breakdown by musician7 24/23/21 DAT Breakdown by dacookiemonsta 24/23/20 DAT Breakdown by LabCoatAndPearls 22/22/23 DAT Breakdown by ichoai 22/22/21 DAT Breakdown by bonbonbon 22/22/21 DAT Breakdown by itscalvss 21/21/22 DAT Breakdown by hongbinbaneben 21/21/22 DAT Breakdown by rkhavis 21/21/20 DAT Breakdown by mastermind01 20/21/22 DAT Breakdown by brochacho3 20/19/21 DAT Breakdown by mvam 20/19/19 DAT Breakdown by rckb88

Use Cliff’s AP Biology 3rd Edition for Free to Prepare for the DAT Bio

Use Cliff's AP Biology 3rd Edition for Free to Prepare for the DAT Bio IMPORTANT NOTEWhen preparing for the DAT Bio, many people suggest to use Cliff's AP Biology Book but not what edition. Currently there are 4 editions available, and while newer editions usually are better, such is not the case when studying for the Dental Admissions Test.The most recent FOURTH edition has been updated and tailored to the Advanced Placement Test and thus is not as helpful as it's predecessor, the THIRD edition. Many test takers love the book because it covers a wide array of topics in a concise manner, similar to what will be asked on the DAT Bio, GENERAL questions over a broad spectrum of subject areas. As Steven Willard recounts in his review of the book: "Great summary for Biology. I'm an accountant going back for dental. This book was a great summary of biology topics. It has plenty of practice tests with good examples. If you can do everything in this book, you probably don't need college biology 1&2.I try to save money w/ test prep by studying free off of websites and out of my old book. This is the best, most succinct resource I've found for preparation for a test (I'm sure also great for MCAT, AP, CLEP, etc). One regret: not getting AP Org Chem (didn't have as many reviews, but in hindsight I would have bought it).Also check out Cliffs AP Chemistry...just as good." Also, you can access Cliff's AP Biology 3rd Edition's PDF for FREE below! Cliffs AP Bio 3rd Edition FREE | If you prefer a hard copy, you can get one for a very a few bucks used  on Amazon or eBay.

Dental School Timeline for Predental Students

  Predental Timeline Successful matriculation into dental school is a competitive and arduous process. It most definitely requires one to use their undergraduate years as a pre-dental student wisely to take the necessary prerequisite classes, get the needed shadowing experience and to build and develop skills necessary to become a successful dental student and dentist. Activities that should be continued throughout your Undergraduate Studies 1. Shadow dentists and dental specialists. Record the hours you shadowed (will be asked on AADSAS) 2. Build relationships with professors and your pre-professional advisor(s). 3. Think of where you would like to attend dental school, and schedule a visit to make sure it is a good fit for you. 4. Participate in community service (preferably dental related). 5. Get involved in a local club and strive to have a leadership role in the club. 6. Participate in simulation courses if offered by your regional /local dental school.   Freshman Year 1. Meet with your Pre-Professional advisor to make a detailed plan of what you will do throughout your undergraduate studies to prepare for matriculation into dental school. 2. Take General Chemistry 1 and 2 with Lab and Biology 1 and 2 3. Take English 1 and 2 4. Take Mathematics 1 and 2 5. Join your the predental club at your school Sophomore Year 1. Take Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 with Lab 2. Take a Cell biology or a Genetics class. 3. Possibly take a Biochemistry or an Anatomy and physiology class. Neither on the DAT but are prerequisite courses for many dental schools. Check the prerequisite courses for each of the dental schools you are interested in attending as each has slightly different requirements. A complete list of dental schools in the United States has been provided by ASDA. 4. If you decide on taking the Dental Admissions Test sophomore year: Participate in a test prep class or study yourself during the month (or two)  after the spring semester of your sophomore year. Schedule the test during the middle or near the end of the summer  when you are ready. Taking the DAT now is advantageous vs during Junior year for most students as chemistry, biology and organic chemistry are still fresh on your mind. Junior Year 1. Take Physics (not on DAT but required for dental school) 2. Take upper level biology electives to fulfill pre-requisite requirements for dental schools. 3. Take the DAT if you haven't already. AADSAS opens in June, and scores take a month or so to get processed, so if you plan on applying early take the DAT by early May. 4. Start asking professors for  letters of recommendation. If your college does not write committee letters from the pre-professional committee, most dental schools will request letters from science faculty and/or a dentist you’ve shadowed. 5. When it opens in early June, start filling out the AADSAS application online at (All U.S. Dental Schools accept the AADSAS application). Applying early is advantageous as many schools use rolling admissions. 6. Complete the supplemental applications if schools you apply to require them. Senior Year (Fall) 1. Complete any remaining prerequisite courses for dental school  if you have not already. Take upper lever science courses like Microbiology, Histology, etc. It may be difficult, but hard work now will better prepare you for the first year of dental school. Some schools also look favorably on business and psychology classes. Others actually require them as a prerequisite to dental school. Attend your interviews.   Senior Year (Spring) Commit to your top choice, send in your deposit and enjoy your last semester 🙂 Below is a Simple Timeline provided by  

Changes to the Quantitative Reasoning Test on the DAT

Dental Admissions Test QR Changes |

During the Fall 2013 ADEA meeting, it was announced that changes would be made to the Quantitative reasoning Test of the DAT. Changes to the DAT will be as follows: ELIMINATION of: Numerical Calculations, Conversions, and Geometry  ADDITION of: Data analysis, Interpretation and Sufficiency, Quantitative Comparison, and Probability and statistics.   The reason given for this change was to "Enhance the testing of critical thinking skills." It is important to note that these "wordier" QR questions on the DAT will be pilot tested throughout 2014 and 2015 and WILL NOT contribute to your QR or Academic Average Scores. These questions will only be used to collect data so that more effective questions can be formulated for 2016. So make sure to continue to focus your efforts on numerical calculations, conversions, geometry, and trigonometry. These new questions in 2016, WILL contribute to your QR and Academic Scores. If you need to brush up on your Quantitative Reasoning, look no further than Math Destroyer. With 15 full length QR tests, i.e. 600 questions, completing the Math Destroyer will more than prepare you for the Quantitative Reasoning section of the DAT. This is just one of many threads where DAT test takers vouch for Math Destroyer and it's usefulness to maximize your scoring potential on the QR section of the DAT.

Free Resource to Prepare for the Organic Chemistry Section of the DAT

Organic Chemistry is often viewed as the epitome of a hard college class by the masses, and for good reason. It is a very difficult class for those who can’t discipline themselves to study each day after new material is presented. It is not a class where one can pull an “all nighter” and do well in. If you have plans of going into the dental field, this is definitely a class you want to do well in! Not only is it a pre-requisite for most dental programs around the country, but it is also a chance to make a favorable impression to Admission Committee members who read your application and set you apart from your peers that didn’t make an “A” in Organic Chemistry. You might wonder “Why would making an “A” in this class be much different from making an “A” in other classes?” Doing well in Organic Chemistry sends a positive signal to AdCom members that you have the skills and discipline to handle a lot of material and understand it well, something you will be required to have in dental school! So if you are a procrastinator, this message is especially geared towards you! You are not going to be able to postpone your studies till the last minute and do well in many classes in dental school!   Anyways, I digress, more about Organic Chemistry on the Dental Admissions Test. Those of you who are currently struggling with memorizing and reproducing the long-winded electron movements of some reactions will be relieved to know that questions on the DAT will not ask you to do this since all answers are multiple choice (however it is only for your benefit to understand these movements).  Rather than describe different kinds of questions that can be asked on the test, I will let you see for yourself. Below is a link to an actual DAT test (administered in 2007). Questions #70-100 of the Survey of Natural Sciences Test are all Organic Chemistry questions.   Below is a list provided by the ADA for topics that can potentially be tested on the DAT.   Mechanisms Energetics Structure – elimination, addition, free radical, substitution mechanisms Chemical and Physical Properties of Molecules  Spectroscopy (1H NMR, 13C NMR, infrared, and multi-spectra) Structure (polarity, intermolecular forces, solubility, melting/boiling point, etc.) Laboratory theory and techniques (i.e. TLC, separations, etc.) Stereochemistry (structure evaluation) Chirality Isomer relationships Conformations Nomenclature  IUPAC rules and functional groups in molecules Individual Reactions of the Major Functional Groups and Combinations of Reactions to  Synthesize Compounds  Alkene/alkyne Aromatic Substitution/elimination, Aldehyde/ ketone Carboxylic acids and derivatives Others For each area listed above, the following sub-areas apply: general, one-step, and multi-step. Acid-Base Chemistry Ranking acidity/basicity (structure analysis and pH/pKa data analysis) Prediction of products and equilibria Aromatics and Bonding  Concept of aromaticity Resonance Atomic/molecular orbitals Hybridization Bond angles/lengths.   For those of you not familiar with the DAT, 100 science questions will be asked and 30 of the 100 will be about Organic Chemistry. If you plan on taking the DAT in the future, make sure to study hard in your undergraduate class, as preparing for your DAT will be that much easier! Also, make sure to make the use of the great resources provided to you by It is a great, FREE resource that you can use to help you Ace the DAT! On there you will find great study tips, and many summary sheets to aid you in remembering some of the major concepts of Organic Chemistry. Especially useful are the summary sheets that have been made here:   $15 is a bargain for the convenience and quality of these sheets. I paid over $200 for my organic chemistry review book and the reactions and information covered was nowhere near as extensive as the information covered by these summary sheets and by the information on the website! I honestly wish that I would have known about this website during my prep for the DAT.   One last closing remark, if you can, take the DAT the summer/semester  RIGHT AFTER your last Organic Chemistry class while the material is still fresh in your head! It will save you from all of the stress of relearning all the material that you forgot over the course of time.  

All the Pre-Dental Books and DAT Prep You Will Ever Need All in One Place

Are you on the fringe about committing to being a Pre-Dental Student?Do you have no idea about which Dental Admission Test Prep to buy?Do you question how effective books will be once you purchase them?If you answered yes to any of those questions, than read on!AceDAT has compiled a list of the most popular and effective books for pre-Dentals! Read about topics like: What it means to be a Pre-Dental student. What courses you need to take to get into Dental school. How to wisely use your time as an undergraduate to get into Dental School. Test taking strategies and study habits to maximize your score on the DAT. How to apply to Dental School. Interview Preparation once you land an interview. Dental School Statistics. How to know which dental school is right for you. and much, much, MORE. Your hard earned money is important and should not be wasted on knockoff materials that flood the web. Rest assured that these Pre-Dental books chosen have stood the test of time and have been used by many. The Pre-Dental books on this list h have all been recommended by members of the Student Doctor Network who have successfully taken the DAT. If you are still skeptical about a  Pre-Dental book listed, read the reviews written by those who have purchased the book (the whole list was made by a program powered by Amazon). For those of you looking to save even more money, remember that buying an older edition of a book (even just by one year) can save you a substantial chunk of change. Save even more by looking for the same Pre-Dental books on different websites like eBay and as Amazon will not always have the best prices!!     Best Pre-Dental and DAT Prep Books        

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