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Advice from my Pre-Professional Advisor About Applying to Dental School with AADSAS

April 25, 2012
-Before you start AADSAS, print out your transcript so that you can easily enter in your classes and the respective grades you earned. You will have to do so for every single class you took, so having a copy of your transcript in front of you will help save you some time.
-Make sure all the grades you earned in your class are accurate.

-When entering in your extracurricular activities/community service/ etc. she advised to put the most important activities first rather than listing them in chronological order.

-AADSAS opens June 4th this year (2012), which is the earliest day you can send it in. REMEMBER, the earlier you apply, the better! The early bird certainly gets the worm in this case as many schools have rolling admissions.

-Start thinking about and drafting your personal statement which will be about why you want to become a dentist.

-When asking your professors for a Letter of Recommendation, inform them that they will get an e-mail from AADSAS once you enter their information, asking them for the LOR via email.

Updates coming soon! Dental Specialties!!
Updates coming soon!
Dental Specialties!!


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