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DAT Breakdowns

2014 DAT Breakdowns Compilation Started!

Below is a compilation of all DAT breakdowns from January of 2014.The list will be continually updated here. What is a DAT Breakdown? A DAT Breakdown is a holistic review of one’s entire “DAT Study Process” of how DAT Preparation Materials compared to the actual DAT. It is written after one has already taken the DAT. It usually details the person’s opinions and thoughts about how effective DAT Preparation Materials were in comparison to the actual DAT, how they studied for the DAT, and a little background about themselves. DAT Breakdowns are highly useful in that they can help determine which study materials suits you best, which study materials to avoid, and they provide useful insights so that you can avoid making the same mistakes that the author of the breakdown made. Below is a list of ALL  breakdowns written in 2013 (list will be continually compiled as more are written)! The scores are arranged from highest to lowest AA. The numbers corresponds to AA/TS/PAT respectively. So 25/24/29 corresponds to an Academic Average of 25, a Total Science Score of 24 and a PAT score of 29. 26/25/24 DAT Breakdown by Old_newbie 24/24/19 DAT Breakdown by ECDental 24/23/22 DAT Breakdown by musician7 24/23/21 DAT Breakdown by dacookiemonsta 24/23/20 DAT Breakdown by LabCoatAndPearls 22/22/23 DAT Breakdown by ichoai 22/22/21 DAT Breakdown by bonbonbon 22/22/21 DAT Breakdown by itscalvss 21/21/22 DAT Breakdown by hongbinbaneben 21/21/22 DAT Breakdown by rkhavis 21/21/20 DAT Breakdown by mastermind01 20/21/22 DAT Breakdown by brochacho3 20/19/21 DAT Breakdown by mvam 20/19/19 DAT Breakdown by rckb88

2013 DAT Breakdowns List UPDATED!

The 2013 DAT Breakdowns list has been updated!!  < Click Here to view.

The Ultimate DAT Breakdown Collection La DATélisse, by Glimmer1991 and Smurf12

La DATélisse - The Ultimate DAT Breakdown Collection Exotic Dishes – for the adventurous 28/30/26 by pdog 27/30/25 by ucladds101 27/28/28 by sfoksn 27/28/25 by rlow04 27/27/27 by gigawatt 27/26/24 by matthewchan 26/30/23 by glimmer1991 26/28/23 by mddang 26/26/23 by engineer09 26/25/24 by qznbabi91 26/25/23 by meddevil 26/25/22 by jimmpannzee Hot Dishes – for the ambitious 25/30/22 by slumber 25/27/24 by olikito 25/27/22 by obeserabbit 25/26/24 by hunterx2 25/26/20 by gogate 25/25/27 by sisero68 25/25/25 by aqz 25/25/24 by klee0891 25/25/23 by reaverops 25/25/22 by shiftparadigm 24/24/25 by piranha 25/24/24 by kc12 25/24/22 by jiejsun 25/24/23 by gatord 25/24/19 by kc1946 24/25/24 by wcombs 24/25/23 by koreano 24/25/23 by blake1e 24/25/22 by troyvdg 24/25/20 by nahahes49 24/24/23 by ushaseos 24/24/22 by stebe 23/24/21 by xatlasb 23/24/19 by nguyen3706 24/23/22 by hahahigh 24/23/20 by centry 24/22/22 by vlaura0214 23/??/26 by smurf12 23/23/25 by dusk 23/23/23 by wadtha 23/23/23 by scsc7211 23/23/22 by mumford 23/25/21 by strag 23/22/20 by feralbrute 23/25/19 by kingsta2426 23/23/19 by TXpredent 22/23/23 by letsgo2dschool 22/23/22 by hl4jn 22/23/22 by laughinggas 22/23/22 by kang17 22/23/22 by J777 22/22/25 by free99 22/22/25 by ekephant 22/22/25 by radmazindds 22/22/24 by djdents 22/??/23 by ironjeff 22/22/23 by willdrill4food 22/22/20 by isaacyankem 22/21/23 by dongkooklim 21/22/22 by onionlala 21/22/21 by topshelf 21/21/21 by dilinim 21/21/19 by chax1 21/21/19 by two thirty 21/20/21 by pfg459 Cold Dishes – for the light stomached 20/22/27 by kahr 20/22/21 by msmouth 20/19/22 by theshiznit2222 20/21/22 by dent4 20/20/22 by ds2012tg 20/20/22 by nguyendds 20/20/20 by toofly01 20/19/19 by joejoe22 20/21/17 by allahisgreater

New 2013 DAT Breakdowns!

2013 DAT Breakdowns DAT Breakdowns are helpful reviews of the whole "DAT process" written by members of the Student Doctor Network who have already taken the test. They usually consist of a person giving their thoughts about how review materials compared to the actual test in difficulty, their thoughts of how useful the materials they used were, background about themselves etc. Don't overlook breakdowns because they are short as you can often find the valuable answers to questions asked in the thread of the breakdown! Below is a list of ALL  breakdowns written in 2013 (list will be continually compiled as more are written)! The scores are arranged from highest to lowest AA. The format of the numbers stand for:  AA/TS/PAT. So 25/24/29 corresponds to an Academic Average of 25, a Total Science Score of 24 and a PAT score of 29. 26/25/22 by jimmpannzee 26//24/21 by tillerybass 25/30/22 by Slumber 25/27/22 by obeserabbit 25/26/24 by hunterx2 25/26/20 by gogate 24/24/25 by piranha 24/24/22 by stebe 24/23/20 by Centry 23/24/21 by xatlasb 23/24/19 by nguyen3706 23/23/23 by dakongpitoy 22/24/20 by numberonephan 22/24/19 by Fadyamerican 22/23/24 by BigCountry 22/23/22 by BMEEngineer 22/23/22 by hl4jn 22/23/22 by kang17 22/23/22 by J777 22/22/19 by nirjar2212 22/22/19 by mcoope44 22/21/23 by hoopraeb 22/21/22 by itsmesmoothe 22/21/22 by lmcole3 22/21/22 by power5643 21/22/21 by topshelf 21/22/19 by KyoPhan 21/22/16 by kgupta3 21/21/21 by Buudo 21/21/21 by krysta1 21/20/21 by Campbepk 21/20/21 by pfg459 21/20/21 by TheHostess 21/19/23 by ahopers 20/21/20 by roquer2 20/21/17 by romoxx23 20/20/21 by missdiana 20/20/21 by tayloreve 20/18/20 by shrister 19/19/25 by ddsJD 19/19/21 by badart97   (Last Update: 6/14/2013)

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