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Studying for The Biology Section of the DAT, 2 Good Books to Prep for DAT Biology

DAT Biology Below is a list of topics that are covered on the DAT Biology test, as listed by the ADA on the DAT portion of their website: The scope of the test covers a wide range of topics, but the questions are not as in depth as one might see in a class devoted to a specific topic like Ecology. Major Biology Topics to Know for the DAT Cell and Molecular Biology Origin of life Cell metabolism (including photosynthesis/enzymology) Cellular processes Thermodynamics Organelle structure and function Mitosis/meiosis Cell structure Experimental cell biology Diversity of Life Biological Organization and Relationship of Major Taxa (Six-Kingdom, Three-Domain System) – plantae, animalia, protista, fungi, eubacteria (bacteria), archae, etc. Structure and Function of Systems Integumentary Skeletal muscular Circulatory Immunological Digestive Respiratory Urinary Nervous/senses  Endocrine Reproductive Developmental Biology  Fertilization Descriptive embryology Developmental mechanisms Experimental embryology Genetics Molecular genetics, Human genetics Classical genetics Chromosomal genetics Genetic technology Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior Natural selection Population genetics/speciation Cladistics Population and community ecology Ecosystems Animal behavior (including social behavior) Two great test prep materials that I highly recommend using for preparing for this section and brushing up on your Biology are: Cliffs AP Bio Book and Kaplan's Blue Book. Kaplan's Blue Book has material for each and every section on the DAT. It is a great resource to refresh yourself with the general concepts of many of the topics tested on the DAT. However, I would not recommend using only KBB to prepare, as it does not everything. As I was preparing for my test, I read many good recommendations about the Cliff's AP Biology Prep Book. It is not super in depth, but it does cover a very wide array of topics. Also it's very easy on your wallet! You can sometimes find a great deal on these books used at eBay or, but I often find that Amazon has the cheapest prices, used or new. Buying both of these books NEW will probably cost around $55-60, including shipping. Not a bad investment to improve your DAT score!                             

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