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So, are you interested in learning more about dentistry? Are you looking to get into dental school? Are you wondering how to do well on the DAT? Well, if any of these questions have popped in your head at some time, you've come to the right place!Getting into dental school is proving to become more and more difficult as time passes on. In 1988, the average AA (Academic Average) score for students that took the DAT was 15.53 with a total of 2,631 students taking the DAT. In 2009 (the most recent date that the ADA analyzed DAT scores), the average AA was 17.59 with almost 14,000 people taking the DAT (13,995 to be exact)!The Average Perceptual Ability Test score in 1988 was 16.21. In 2009, the average was 18.17! Here is a more detailed look at the average scores of 2009 DAT test takers. Average Scores of 2009 Test Takers Source: ADA (click the picture to go to the document this information was extracted from)  As you can tell, getting into dental school is becoming more and more competitive!Save yourself the stress and start studying for the DAT early! Whether you are a senior in high school or sophomore in college, it is never too early to start thinking about and studying for this standardized test!GPA, Extra Curricular Activities, Letters of Recommendation, and DAT scores are all very important factors dental school admissions committees consider! Some have a minimum number cut off, ie. if your GPA or DAT score is under a certain "cut off" point, they don't even consider your application!I'm Jon and I just successfully took the DAT on March 10, 2012.I am indebted to the great members of Student Doctor Network for all of great, useful information they provided me with to help me maximize my DAT scores. Being done with the DAT now, it brings me great joy to give back the knowledge I have gained.  I love the feeling that I get when someone I help messages me how grateful they are. It is always nice to know you made a positive difference in someone's life!I figured I would start this blog so that I can compile my knowledge (and the knowledge of the brilliant minds of SDN and others) in one convenient location for other pre-dents to use.I know a lot of people could benefit from the organization of some of the helpful threads on there and I intend to do just that.The goal of this blog is to: Further assist pre-dents by organizing some of the useful threads on SDN List top review materials for the DAT Serve as a central location for information resources pertaining to dentistry and getting into dental school Display why dentistry is such an awesome field to get involved in!

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