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 Just wanted to apologize to those that subscribed and never received a newsletter. Unfortunately the app I used to help manage and send out newsletters rendered this website vulnerable to hackers, so the site has not been accessible to some due to google marking as a "suspicious site". The site has been restored to a date before the spammy ads were added, and should not cause any alerts to go off by some browsers. School has kept me crazy busy so haven't had much time to update the site with content, but if you have any questions, please feel free to add a comment, or send a message on facebook. Cheers to a great 2015, Jon

What can a Career in Dentistry Offer You?

What's Unique About Dentistry?One of the ten most trusted and ethical professions in the U.S.Flexibility to balance a professional and personal life.Opportunity to be your own boss and own a dental practice.Personally rewarding professionCombines art and science.What does a dentist do?Diagnose and treat diseases, injuries and malformations of the teeth and mouth.Improve a patient's appearance.Perform surgical procedures such as implants, tissue grafts, and extractions.Educate patients on how to better care for their teeth and prevent oral disease.Teach future dentists and dental hygienists Perform research directed improving oral health and developing new treatment methods.What Career Options are available in dentistry?Over 80% are general practitioners while about 20% are dental specialists who limit their practices to one of the ten recognized dental specialty areas.Teaching, dental research and dental industry comprise  additional rewarding career options for both general  practitioners and dental specialists.Dentists also work in public health agencies, hospitals, the  military and other settings.How can I prepare for a career in dentistry?Get a broad exposure to science and math while in high school—enroll in college preparatory classes in biology,  algebra and chemistry.Continue taking natural science courses in college such as  general biology, organic and inorganic chemistry and physics.Ask to volunteer or job shadow at your family dentist’s  office, orthodontist’s office and pediatric dentist’s office.A college undergraduate degree is recommended as  preparation for dental school.Talk with admission officers about financial aid resources  and dental school requirements  (See list of ADA accredited dental schools in the U.S. on Take the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) a year before  entering dental school.What are the Future Opportunities for Dentistry?Outlook is favorable for new dentists and exceptional career opportunities exist for minority students.Large numbers of dentists are projected to retire in the next 20 years and new dentists will be needed in private practice, as teachers/researchers and in public health dentistry.Increasing numbers of older adults are keeping their teeth longer, greater awareness of oral health care, and a high demand for cosmetic services. Advancements in dental technology such as digital radiography, laser systems and informatics will allow dentists to provide more effective treatments and practice more efficiently.New information about the relationship of oral health to general health makes dentistry an important health profession for the futureHow much does a dentist earn?In 2010, the average earnings for a general practitioner who owns his/her practice was over $194,000; the average earnings for a dental specialist was over $311,000.*Average income of a dentist—highest 5% of U.S. family income.**Statistics used in this fact sheet were collected from the ADA 2010 Survey of Dental Practice, Income from the Private Practice of Dentistry, the ADA Trends in Dentistry and Dental Education, the American Dental Education Association and Occupational Employment Statistics Survey, U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Gallup Poll.The Information in this post was obtained from the American Dental Associations website which can be found at 

Dental Specialties!!

Hey everyone, hope finals are going/have gone well for you!Anyways, just wanted to let you all know that a new page listing and describing dental specialties has been added!Check it out here:

Advice from my Pre-Professional Advisor About Applying to Dental School with AADSAS

-Before you start AADSAS, print out your transcript so that you can easily enter in your classes and the respective grades you earned. You will have to do so for every single class you took, so having a copy of your transcript in front of you will help save you some time.        -Make sure all the grades you earned in your class are accurate.-When entering in your extracurricular activities/community service/ etc. she advised to put the most important activities first rather than listing them in chronological order.-AADSAS opens June 4th this year (2012), which is the earliest day you can send it in. REMEMBER, the earlier you apply, the better! The early bird certainly gets the worm in this case as many schools have rolling admissions. -Start thinking about and drafting your personal statement which will be about why you want to become a dentist.-When asking your professors for a Letter of Recommendation, inform them that they will get an e-mail from AADSAS once you enter their information, asking them for the LOR via email.

Updates coming soon!

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've had a chance to add more to the site, but I promise I will add some information soon!It's just been pretty hectic with the exams before finals!X_xHope studying is going well for you all!

For anyone that feels that odds are against you into getting into dental school because of GPA, DAT scores, etc. At the following link is a true story of perseverance and success!Follow his story and updates about DAT review books at: 

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