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Crack DAT PAT, One of the Best Perceptual Ability Test Materials Currently Available for the DAT

November 23, 2012


Crack DAT PAT (CDP) is by far one of the most accurate representations of the DAT Perceptual ability test out on the market today. If you practice your PAT using this, you should have no problem scoring 20+ on the PAT section. No prep material currently out there is as similar to the actual DAT PAT, besides the actual ADA 2009 DAT practice test that can be purchased.

Overall, this is how Crack DAT compares to the real DAT in my (and many others) opinion:

Keyholes – DAT and CDP were very similar. The DAT focuses slightly more on proportions.

Top Front End –  DAT and CDP are very comparable, DAT is slightly harder in the sense that answers can be eliminated as easily with methods like “line counting” as they can in CDP.

Angles – DAT is slightly easier than CDP. Get used to beasting the “3 degree” difficulty on CDP and this section will be a cinch!

Hole Punching – DAT and CDP are very comparable. Some may find the DAT harder because of the poor graphics of the computers at the testing centers ( question images are much smaller compared to the nice big images of CDP).

Cube Counting – DAT and CDP are very similar in difficulty.

Pattern Folding – DAT and CDP about the same in difficulty. Some say the DAT is slightly harder.


There is no perfect representation of the DAT PAT out there (except maybe the 2009 DAT which I would save as your final practice test to measure your abilities). Prep materials like Kaplan’s PAT are much too easy and prep materials like DAT Achiever are much too hard. The bottom line is, practice makes perfect! If you put in the time, you will get the results! Crack DAT PAT is quite pricey, but for good reason. An item doesn’t consistently get the highest ratings from customers for no reason! You can easily purchase a copy of CDP from Amazon for $229.95.  This Royal Flush Edition will give you all the practice material you will ever need. PLUS, they guarantee a 100% refund if you score below a 15 on the actual DAT (which won’t happen of course because you will put in the time to practice 🙂 )!

Crack DAT PAT Royal Flush Edition Comes with:

1. 10 Full Length Perceptual Ability Tests consisting of 900 PAT Questions coupled with 3D user-interactive explanations for each question.

2. Exclusive access to 3 Hours of Hi-Def Tutorial Videos which covers tips, tricks and strategies.

3. Access to 5000 Angle Ranking, 5000 Cube Counting and 5000 Hole Punching Bonus Questions with a competition mode which enables you to see how you stack up with the rest of the competition.

4. An estimate score to help you improve your score after each test.

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