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Dental School Timeline for Predental Students

June 14, 2014


Predental Timeline

Successful matriculation into dental school is a competitive and arduous process. It most definitely requires one to use their undergraduate years as a pre-dental student wisely to take the necessary prerequisite classes, get the needed shadowing experience and to build and develop skills necessary to become a successful dental student and dentist.

Activities that should be continued throughout your Undergraduate Studies

1. Shadow dentists and dental specialists. Record the hours you shadowed (will be asked on AADSAS)

2. Build relationships with professors and your pre-professional advisor(s).

3. Think of where you would like to attend dental school, and schedule a visit to make sure it is a good fit for you.

4. Participate in community service (preferably dental related).

5. Get involved in a local club and strive to have a leadership role in the club.

6. Participate in simulation courses if offered by your regional /local dental school.


Freshman Year

  • 1. Meet with your Pre-Professional advisor to make a detailed plan of what you will do throughout your undergraduate studies to prepare for matriculation into dental school.
  • 2. Take General Chemistry 1 and 2 with Lab and Biology 1 and 2
  • 3. Take English 1 and 2
  • 4. Take Mathematics 1 and 2
  • 5. Join your the predental club at your school

Sophomore Year

  • 1. Take Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 with Lab
  • 2. Take a Cell biology or a Genetics class.
  • 3. Possibly take a Biochemistry or an Anatomy and physiology class. Neither on the DAT but are prerequisite courses for many dental schools. Check the prerequisite courses for each of the dental schools you are interested in attending as each has slightly different requirements. A complete list of dental schools in the United States has been provided by ASDA.
  • 4. If you decide on taking the Dental Admissions Test sophomore year: Participate in a test prep class or study yourself during the month (or two)  after the spring semester of your sophomore year. Schedule the test during the middle or near the end of the summer  when you are ready. Taking the DAT now is advantageous vs during Junior year for most students as chemistry, biology and organic chemistry are still fresh on your mind.

Junior Year

  • 1. Take Physics (not on DAT but required for dental school)
  • 2. Take upper level biology electives to fulfill pre-requisite requirements for dental schools.
  • 3. Take the DAT if you haven’t already. AADSAS opens in June, and scores take a month or so to get processed, so if you plan on applying early take the DAT by early May.
  • 4. Start asking professors for  letters of recommendation. If your college does not write committee letters from the pre-professional committee, most dental schools will request letters from science faculty and/or a dentist you’ve shadowed.
  • 5. When it opens in early June, start filling out the AADSAS application online at (All U.S. Dental Schools accept the AADSAS application). Applying early is advantageous as many schools use rolling admissions.
  • 6. Complete the supplemental applications if schools you apply to require them.

Senior Year (Fall)

  • 1. Complete any remaining prerequisite courses for dental school  if you have not already.
  • Take upper lever science courses like Microbiology, Histology, etc. It may be difficult, but hard work now will better prepare you for the first year of dental school.
  • Some schools also look favorably on business and psychology classes. Others actually require them as a prerequisite to dental school.
  • Attend your interviews.


Senior Year (Spring)

  • Commit to your top choice, send in your deposit and enjoy your last semester 🙂

Below is a Simple Timeline provided by

Pre-dental Timeline |


Changes to the Quantitative Reasoning Test on the DAT Use Cliff’s AP Biology 3rd Edition for Free to Prepare for the DAT Bio
Changes to the Quantitative Reasoning Test on the DAT
Use Cliff’s AP Biology 3rd Edition for Free to Prepare for the DAT Bio

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