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FREE DAT Practice Tests Prep

Preparing for the DAT can get expensive fast!! Thankfully, many free DAT prep resources are available to help you reinforce your knowledge so you can ace that DAT.

FREE 2007 Sample DAT Practice Test – 

 Almost a full length DAT practice test. This baby is almost like the real thing, only there are 17 RC questions instead of 50. –

Free DAT Practice Test and more after signing up!


FREE DAT Biology Prep

Alan’s Notes Highly recommended by Many SDNers to review to refresh yourself on some of the major terms and concepts of Biology

DAT Q-Vault Once you give them an email address, make a password and choose the date you plan on taking the DAT, you will have access to 1 Biology Test on the website (40 questions with a 30 minute time limit). The free organic chemistry, quantitative reasoning, general chemistry, and reading comprehension tests are all unlocked when you get 4 points by:

  1. Challenging a friend to a test (send DAT Q-Vault your friend’s email)
  2. Posting a challenge on your Facebook account
  3. Getting a friend to accept the challenge
  4. Getting someone to click your Facebook link
They have a total of 2,133 questions as of April 2012. You can buy them all for $100.
Khan Academy Biology 100% Free YouTube videos to help you with some major principles of biology!
Varsity Tutors – over 40,000 professionally written problems and thousands of distinct practice tests across 120 subjects. Granted not every question is applicable to DAT test takers, there are still many FREE tests here to help you prepare for the QR, RC, and the SNS!

FREE DAT General Chemistry Prep Has 20 Inorganic Chemistry Questions. Offers a few questions from General Chemistry, Biology, Perceptual Ability and Math

Khan Academy Chemistry Not as concise as Chad’s Videos but hey, they are FREE and get the job done!




FREE DAT Organic Chemistry Prep – Study tips to Summary Sheets. Very extensive coverage of Organic Chemistry. Has a few different quizzes you can take to test your Organic Chemistry Knowledge (a 5, 10, 20, and 30 question quiz). 20 Organic Chemistry Questions with Explanation

Master Organic Chemistry Great resource for reviewing Organic Chemistry Concepts. Includes nice summary sheets as well.

Organic Chemistry 4e Carey  Has great quizzes on nomenclature and reviews a lot of the major concepts of O-Chem

Ohio State University’s Free Organic Chemistry Flash Cards Free Organic Chemistry Flash Cards from OSU’s website

Khan Academy Organic Chemistry Not as concise as Chad’s Videos but hey, they are FREE and get the job done!




Free DAT Perceptual Ability Test Prep

Blog by UTAS MedicineHas a handful of Hole punch and Key Hole Quesions

DatTestQuestions.comHas a few keyhole and TFE questions along with a lot of other helpful information pertaining to the DAT Counting, TFE, Hole Punching and Keyhole DAT Practice Games  – Some games are more useful than others, but worth checking out, and TOTALLY FREE!



FREE DAT Reading Comprehension Prep 20 Reading comprehension questions from 3 passages

FREE DAT Quantitative Reasoning Prep

DAT Math Sign up for a free practice test Has 20 Free QR questions 68 QR questions presented via virtual flashcards

Khan Academy Algebra

Khan Academy Geometry

Khan Academy Precalculus

Khan Academy Trigonometry

Khan Academy Probability


Free Online Flash Card Program
-Best Flash Card Program imo. I used this a lot in high school when I had to memorize loads of information for my Academic Team. Kind of strayed away from flash card making, but if you like flashcards, this is the one for you. You make cards, than when you are quizzing yourself you can rate them based on how familiar you are with information on the flashcard. Based on your rating, that card will either appear more frequently (if you rated it that you weren’t as comfortable with the information) or less frequently.


$1 iPhone App

By Pro App Developers


Perceptual Ability Test app has angle ranking, cube counting, top-front-end, hole punch and pattern folding. Hundreds of practice problems to get you ready for the DAT exam. Perceptual ability testing has never been more enjoyable! You will be ready for the PAT portion of the DAT test in no time.

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