Java is an object-oriented computer programming language, which is class-based, concurrent and also for general purpose. The cornerstone of the design – it is one of the few programming platforms that has very little implementation dependencies. Java was developed by erstwhile Sun Microsystems which is presently merged with Oracle Corporation. Java can be best described as a set of multiple computer software and specifications, which can provide systems for application software development for use in cross platform environment as well.

The Write-Once-Run-Anywhere or WORA allows developers in Java Development services teams across the world to run all codes or applications to run on any platform without the need for recompilation. Mostly based on C and C++ syntaxes, the language has fewer low level facilities like them. We use Java-card, Java-ME, Java-SE and EE for all our Java development services. Mostly Java-ME is used for developing applications aimed at PDAs, handheld devices, Smartphones, Set-top boxes and others. The EE and SE are mainly used by developers for desktop PCs, servers and various APIs among many others.