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Popular DAT Prep Materials

Popular DAT Study Materials

List Based off SDN 2012 Hottest DAT Study Materials survey


Crack DAT PAT is a downloadable program that you can use to simulate an actual DAT PAT test. It is by far the best PAT prep material out so far. Many SDNer’s will attest to this. Having taken the DAT already, I can say that this prep material was a very accurate representation of what the actual PAT test was like (make sure you work on your speed!).

You can set time limits for each of the 10 tests and the explanations given at the end are very helpful for helping you visualize those 2D images in 3D. They have a few versions you can buy, royal flush edition giving you the most practice material. I actually bought this one and found the extra questions in Angle Ranking, Cube Counting and Hole Punching very useful. These are the sections where you will need to zoom through to create some extra time for the other 3 sections that are a lot more time consuming. This DAT prep material has stood the test of time, and the nearly 5 star rating on Amazon with ZERO unhappy users is a testament to the quality of this study material.

Rated as the hottest DAT study prep material in 2012 by SDN, DAT Achiever is definitely a must use prep material for those that like to challenge themselves. DAT Achiever very effectively simulates the DAT.  It is a program that comes with 3, 5, or 7 practice tests.  DAT Achiever is known for having very challenging questions compared to the actual DAT, but like the DAT Destroyer by Dr. Jim Romano, if you master doing hard problems, the actual test will be a cinch.


Having Trouble with General Chemistry or Organic Chemistry, not to fear, Chad is hear.Many test takers on SDN attest to how great Chad is in helping you understand / refresh General and Organic Chemistry topics for the DAT. Make sure you take diligent notes and do the quizzes to help with retention!

  Has it been a semester or two since you finished Organic Chemistry? Are you rusty on mechanisms, concepts and rules of organic chemistry? Are your memories of O-Chem clear as mud? If you relate to any of the aforementioned questions, this is the book for you. David Klein uses simple and concise examples from everyday life and relates them to topics of organic chemistry, making seemingly complex concepts very easy to understand. There is also a good amount of practice questions to help with retention. Also, relearning topics for DAT Organic Chemistry will happen a lot quicker than you imagine. Personally, I was panicking for DAT O-Chem, but after perusing through both of these, I felt a lot more comfortable for DAT Organic Chemistry. (21 on Ochem 🙂 ). Amazon has Cheaper prices in general, but sometimes you can find great deals on eBay.

Organic Chemistry as A second Langue First Semester |


Organic Chemistry I : Amazon | eBay
Organic Chemistry as A second Langue Second Semester | Organic Chemistry II Amazon eBay

5. DAT DestrOyer

The general consensus on SDN is that DAT Destroyer questions aremore difficult than those on the DAT for General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. I definitely agree. It is formatted a little differently from other review books, ie. it is basically a huge bank of questions. To get the most of this review book, make sure you understand the CONCEPTS introduced by each question, and don’t just memorize answers. Know the explanations given for each question in the answer key, and know why all the other answer choices given are right or wrong. If you are very fluent with the material presented in this book, you will be pleased with your results on the DAT!


6. Math DestrOyer Filled with 13 Practice tests and over 500 questions, Math Destroyer is definitely the only tool you need to master the Quantitative Reasoning section of the DAT. Like the DAT Destroyer, detailed solutions are given for every question. If you are rusty/weak in math, than the QR section in the DAT Destroyer is probably not enough practice. Get this! Learn this! Understand all the concepts! Beast the DAT QR!  😉   Tip for using both the “Destroyers”: As you are answering the questions, put a mark by any questions where the answer doesn’t come to you “instantaneously”. Make a note card of all those marked questions and review them until the concepts are clear.


TopScore Pro is a program that is comprised of 3 practice DATs. Many test takers that used TopScore and other practice test programs like DAT Achiever and Crack DAT felt that TopScore was most representative of the DAT in terms of question difficulty and relevance. Topscore users found that their practice test scores on TopScore deviated little from what they actually scored on the DAT.

Here is a thread from 2008 that polls the difference in scores that users of TopScore had with the real DAT.  Here is a more recent thread from October 2011 that also shows that TopScore was very representative of the real DAT.


8. Kaplan’s “Blue Book”

A great book to review and refresh your mind on some of the major concepts of the subjects covered on the DAT. The PAT questions are definitely much TOO EASY though, so make sure to prepare with more difficult PAT problems like the ones in CDP, Top Score, or Achiever.   This book is a great review/refresher because it concisely summarizes a lot of topics. Definitely supplement this with Destroyer/Math Destroyer as it doesn’t cover every topic in Gen Chem, O-Chem, QR, and Bio. 
You can get this review book at a pretty affordable price on eBay or Amazon.
The newest version (2015) will be available on 10/7/14.

A solid review source for Biology. Shorter than the Campbell’s textbook but more in depth than Kaplanr. Cliffs AP Bio Third Edition is a very popular review book for DAT Biology because it is concise and covers a wide array of topics with the correct depth of detail for the DAT. Make sure to get the THIRD edition and not the FOURTH, as the update has tailored the 4th edition to the new AP test is is less viable to use for studying for the DAT.  You will definitely get the most bang for your buck with this review material (as most of you reading this probably already know, DAT prep can be pretty pricey, especially if you pay for a Kaplan class!). Luckily, for those of us looking for a more economical way to prepare, this book is here! You can get this book for a few bucks on eBay or Amazon.
If you prefer studying via an eCopy on the computer or a tablet, you can get a PDF Version for FREE right HERE!!
10. Campbell’s Biology 

Probably one of the most if not the most well  known textbook in Biology to student’s across the U.S. My first semester freshman biology teacher said if you knew this book inside and out you would have no problem passing the MCAT, DAT or PCAT biology. He was right (of course knowing 1300+ pages of information on any topic would make you fairly knowledgeable in that topic), but I digress. This is definitely a great review source and an even greater source to learn concepts you never learned or had a complete grasp on. Great pictures and explanations of concepts.   I used this book for 2 years in high school and 1 in college. This book helped me build a strong foundation in Biology and I am forever grateful as the Bio section on the DAT was a breeze for me. It is a bit of overkill in terms of information, so stick to Cliffs AP Bio 3rd Edition if you have limited time to study for the DAT. The more recent 9th and 10th editions are very expensive, so if you don’t already have a copy, definitely get the 8th edition. You can get it for around $15 on Amazon or eBay.

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