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Cliff’s AP Biology 3rd Edition FREE

Use Cliff’s AP Biology 3rd Edition for Free to Prepare for the DAT Bio

Use Cliff's AP Biology 3rd Edition for Free to Prepare for the DAT Bio IMPORTANT NOTEWhen preparing for the DAT Bio, many people suggest to use Cliff's AP Biology Book but not what edition. Currently there are 4 editions available, and while newer editions usually are better, such is not the case when studying for the Dental Admissions Test.The most recent FOURTH edition has been updated and tailored to the Advanced Placement Test and thus is not as helpful as it's predecessor, the THIRD edition. Many test takers love the book because it covers a wide array of topics in a concise manner, similar to what will be asked on the DAT Bio, GENERAL questions over a broad spectrum of subject areas. As Steven Willard recounts in his review of the book: "Great summary for Biology. I'm an accountant going back for dental. This book was a great summary of biology topics. It has plenty of practice tests with good examples. If you can do everything in this book, you probably don't need college biology 1&2.I try to save money w/ test prep by studying free off of websites and out of my old book. This is the best, most succinct resource I've found for preparation for a test (I'm sure also great for MCAT, AP, CLEP, etc). One regret: not getting AP Org Chem (didn't have as many reviews, but in hindsight I would have bought it).Also check out Cliffs AP Chemistry...just as good." Also, you can access Cliff's AP Biology 3rd Edition's PDF for FREE below! Cliffs AP Bio 3rd Edition FREE | If you prefer a hard copy, you can get one for a very a few bucks used  on Amazon or eBay.

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