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DAT Destroyer

The DAT Destroyer – A must have DAT Prep book to help you deciminate the DAT

The DAT Destroyer authored by Dr. Jim Romano is a must have for anyone preparing for the DAT. It is an invaluable tool and will help solidify your knowledge in the sciences. It offers hundreds of practice problems in Biology, General and Organic Chemistry, and Quantitative Reasoning. The questions are known to be very difficult, and it is often discouraging for many who go through it for the first time feeling as if they know nothing, but FEAR NOT! If you press on and learn the concepts behind these questions, you WILL PERFORM WELL on the DAT. The questions are all multiple choice, just like the real DAT. To make most efficient use of the DAT Destroyer, it is essential that you understand why an answer is the the answer and why the other answers are wrong. The detailed explanations Dr. Romano offers in the solutions section of the book will help greatly with this. MAKE SURE you learn all of them! For those of you that are rusty in the sciences, I highly recommend that you brush up on your concepts with other books like Cliffs AP Bio. or the Kaplan Blue Book, as going through the DAT Destroyer without a decent grasp of science concepts can be very de-motivating. But as stated earlier, if you persevere and learn the concepts in this book, you will be rewarded with very high science scores (20+ for most). Finally, if you are feeling stumped and need live support, Dr. Romano lists his number for direct 1 on 1 support! He really stands behind his product and so do many others that have successfully Destroyed the DAT! You can get it at Brand New or used at a great price at eBay.  

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